Enhanced Link Attribution for Google Analytics

enhanced-link-attributionWhat is Enhanced Link Attribution for Google Analytics and why should you care? Google recently announced this enhancement to its In Page Analytics feature. As you may or may not know, In Page Analytics is a feature that has been around for quite a while and it basically allows you to view any page of your website and it will overlay that page with statistics to let you visually see where users clicked. How valuable is that? Very. The In Page Analytics feature is really useful but it had a shortcoming:  what happened if you had two or more buttons, icons or links on a page and they all went to the same destination page but you wanted to know WHICH ONE the user clicked? Well you could not really easily know that… until now!

Enhanced Link Attribution – Your New BFF

Previously if you had a page and it had 3 different links to the same destination page on it, Google would just aggregate the click % for that destination page (regardless of which link was clicked) and display that number for all 3 links.  Naturally, this doesn’t tell you which of the 3 got more or less of the clicks because each would show up as having the same percent. And as a marketing person, you want to know WHICH ONE so you can figure out WHY so you can ultimately get MORE.

Let’s take a look at a few quick examples.


Below you will see our Contact page which shows some sample data. This is what you would normally see with the standard In Page Analytics view. You can see the Logo (which links to the Home Page) and the Home button in the navigation bar which also links to the Home page both showing the same % of clicks. Not very helpful. Same with the Portfolio links.



After we are able to see the correct % of clicks for each of the links that go to the same destination page.  Much more useful!

enhanced-link-attribution-for-google-analytics Image

Enhanced Link Attribution is for You!

I highly recommend you get Google Analytics installed and start reviewing your In Page Analytics and get the new Enhanced Link Attribution feature setup so you can start effectively tracking and analyzing your traffic to achieve better outcomes for your company. Don’t have time? We can get it installed for you, analyze the results and make detailed recommendations which will drastically improve your website results.

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To read more about this feature, head on over to Google’s Enhanced Link Attribution for Google Analytics  announcement.

To your success!