How to Delete Google Ads Accounts that are in “Setup Progress”

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12 Steps to Remove Google Ad Accounts in “Setup Process”

The below are a workaround to remove yourself from the zombie account and delete the account, without having to call into Google.

  • after you login, from the list of your accounts, click the zombie account that is in the “Setup” process from the list
  • ~VERY IMPORTANT~ Be sure you select the account you want to actually delete and not your main account!! Double and triple check!
  • After you click the correct account, you’ll be taken to a setup page where you will be asked to select a Goal, click the text link that says, “Experienced with Google Ads” instead of one of the goal blocks
  • on the next page which is the “Campaign Type” page, click “create an account without a campaign
  • on the next page, which should be “Confirm your business information”, click Submit button
  • on the next page which should be the “Congrats! You’re all done page”, click Explore your Account
  • ~VERY IMPORTANT~ Verify again you are on the account you actually want to delete and not your main account!! Check the account number (upper right corner) and make sure you’re on the right one, otherwise, you could delete your main account!
  • Next on the toolbar for the page, click the Search Icon, top of page and type in “Access”

  • On the next page you’ll see all people who have access. It should just be you.
  • Click on link on right side of page that says, “Remove Access” next to your name
  • You will be prompted with a message that says, “removing this user from the account will cause the account to be closed.”
  • Click Remove Access
  • This will delete the zombie account and you will be redirected back to your primary account again.

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