HTML5 Web Development

HTML5 Web Development

There’s a new name in the world of webpage scripting and website design: HTML5. But what is it exactly? Do you need to bother with it? And which Tampa web designers are up to speed?

There’s a lot more to HTML web development than we could cover in one article, but we’ll walk you through the basics here, including some of the differences between HTML5 and HTML4, as well as why HTML5 matters for your business.

The History of HTML5 Web Development

As you probably already know, HTML has long been the accepted primary language for displaying content to web browsers on the Internet. The majority of webpages you’ve visited in your lifetime all use some HTML, and that’s still the case today.

But now, the Internet is abuzz with the latest evolution in website scripting: HTML5. Rapidly emerging as the new standard for HTML web development, version 5 is a significant improvement over what came before.

The first HTML was introduced in 1990 and has been revised several times since then, though the most recent edition — HTML 4.1 — was standardized fourteen years ago, in 1999. 56K modems were all the rage back then!

Clearly, the Internet has changed A LOT in the last decade and a half. Now, finally, HTML is catching up.

HTML5 is Web Development for Modern Times

A major impetus driving the adoption of HTML5 is the changing face of the Internet, particularly in terms of mobile access and multimedia integration. HTML5 will load more quickly and smoothly on smart phones and tablets while also drawing less power — a big deal for mobile users.

Content integration will become much easier with new semantic tags such as <video>, <audio>, etc. That kind of markup language will already look familiar to those who use CMS systems like WordPress. But with HTML, you won’t have to bring in a third-party plug-in or API for simple media embedding or display.

New Features in HTML5

Here’s a look at just a few of the new features in HTML5 web development:

  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) support
  • Offsite cache control — allows us to designate which files should automatically store on a user’s computer, allowing for much faster loading as well as offsite browsing
  • Less reliance on JavaScript & Flash, which currently cause widespread compatibility issues
  • Better organization of written content thanks to new tags like <article>, <header>, <footer>, <section>, etc. — these give you and your browser more helpful info about webpage content and lets us develop your SEO more effectively
  • Fancy forms — enhance your forms with pre-defined options, stronger authentication, date & time controls, etc.

These are just a few of the countless advantages that HTML5 can offer over the previous HTML 4.1. It’s an exciting time to be in the HTML5 web development business!

Does HTML5 Matter for Your Business?

Now’s the best time to jump on HTML5. Nearly half of the world’s Top 100 dotcoms have already renovated their websites for HTML5 compliance, and more are joining them every day. It’s the emerging standard in a new frontier, and you want your company to be a part of it. To avoid being left in the dust (which happens quickly with technology), you need to act now.

Our HTML5 web development solutions capitalize on every feature available in this exciting new markup language, putting your business on the competitive cutting edge. We’ll make your site faster, more attractive, more compatible, more mobile-friendly, and more SEO-marketable with our proven HTML5 expertise.

At ClearTech Interactive, we specialize in HTML5 web development to produce interactive, cross-platform websites that deliver high performance on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets simultaneously.

And even if you already have an HTML 4.1-based website that’s working for you, we can update it to integrate all the advantages of HTML5.

HTML5 Web Development in Tampa & Beyond

To find out more about HTML5 and how ClearTech Interactive can use it to grow your company’s success, email us or give us a call at 727-562-5161 & Press 1 to speak with an HTML5 Specialist.