Mobile Web Application Development Tampa

Mobile Web Application Development Tampa

It’s no secret that the world has gone mobile, but what might surprise some is just how often people are turning to their smartphones — and, increasingly, tablets — to handle tasks for which they once preferred computers.

The Rise of Mobile Web Browsing

Mobile use has been on a steady rise for years, but until recently, people tended to limit their mobile Internet activity to quick-and-easy tasks. On-the-go searches for nearby activities were common, but users clearly preferred stable keyboards and larger screens for general web browsing. But now that’s changed.

As users start to think of their smartphone or tablet as a second (and equally worthy) computer device, companies and their web developers must adopt a similar mindset. That’s why mobile web application development is quickly emerging as such a critical frontier in the world of web development.

Statistics for Mobile Web Application Development

Consider the following:

  • According to a new Pew Internet Project survey, for the first time in history, the majority of Americans (56%) now own a smartphone rather than a standard cell phone
  • Desktop ownership has declined by 10% over the last six years
  • Tablet ownership increased by 282% from 2011 to 2013
  • 34% of Americans own a mobile tablet (not including eReaders!)
  • Tablets now account for 28.1% of all non-computer web traffic (smartphones claim 64.4%)
  • As of Spring 2013, 24% of all website traffic now comes from a mobile device — and that percentage grows almost exponentially every month!

Expert Mobile Web Application Development in Tampa

Engineering an incredibly functional, impressively sophisticated website is only worth so much if it’s not comprehensively mobile-compatible. Companies investing in a major web project should communicate with their web designer to ensure that mobile web application development is part of the package.

Just as websites need to offer powerful performance and advanced function for optimal success, any Internet-related business initiative must also make the most of mobile function. Mobile web application development can ensure that your high-level project translates fluently to the smartphone and/or tablet experience.

Tampa’s Mobile Web Application Development Experts

ClearTech Interactive is a full-service mobile web design & development firm based in Tampa, Florida. We are experienced with the very latest in mobile web application development and we can help your company design and build a custom mobile website or application to help you engage even more with your customers.

To learn more about ClearTech Interactive and the advanced mobile web application development we can provide, send us an email or call 727-562-5161 & Press 1 to speak with a Mobile Development Specialist today.