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Web Development Tampa | Website Development TampaDo you have an amazing website or mobile app idea? Since 2003 we've been helping customers bring their web ideas to life. Whether it's a subscription based website, online marketplace or a mashup of different ideas, we can help you develop your idea, prioritize features and then build it! Or maybe your needs are more modest and you simply need a promotional website for your business

ClearTech Interactive is a website and mobile application development company established in 2003 in the Tampa Bay in Florida and serving the entire US as well as international markets. We specialize in all types of web services including application development, custom websites, e-commerce websites, mobile applications as well as SEO and internet advertising on Google and other platforms. 

We're often asked by prospective customers if we can build a particular kind of online system or service. The short answer is YES. Many on our team have 10, 15 and even 20+ years of software development experience and the combined experience of our team is well over 250 years! 

We have experience building a variety of exciting websites such as:

  1. Native Android and native IOS mobile apps, as well as HTML 5 mobile adaptive websites
  2. Subscription based websites
  3. Social Networks & Community Websites
  4. SAAS (software as a service)
  5. E-Learning Systems
  6. Media Streaming Services
  7. Auction Websites
  8. Cloud-Based Systems & Infrastructure
  9. Custom E-Commerce Systems
  10. Custom Back Office Systems 
  11. Custom Corporate Websites & Portals.
  12. Software to Run Your Business
  13. Legacy Conversion of Older Systems into Web/Mobile Based Apps

Every product we build is designed to be easy to use and engaging for your customers. Our single goal is to make your online business a total success.

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Example Projects 

Check out some of the latest projects below and be sure to check out some of our Google Reviews to see what our clients have to say!

Mobile Online Marketplace  

cleartech mobile app development

Mobile Adaptive Web App - A Florida roofer develops www.roofwire.com an innovative mobile service which will revolutionize how roofers estimate and purchase roofing materials through an online marketplace.

Project Background
As a long time roofer, Brian Gullett realized that there should be a better way to purchase roofing supplies and estimate roofing projects. The internet had transformed so many of the ways we do things and yet the roofing industry was still in the stone age. Roofwire was created to make it easy for roofers to accurately estimate roofing jobs and then easily get the best prices on the needed materials, right from your mobile phone, in minutes.  Read Mobile App Case Study



Social Community Website, Online Bible Study & Mobile Project 

Bible Study Company Iphone

ClearTech Interactive built and launched www.biblestudycompany.com, an innovative online Bible & Social Community that makes it easier than ever to read and more importantly understand the Bible.

The site features an innovative e-reader that is used to quickly and easily look up the meanings of difficult to understand words, locations, symbols and people. Compare and contrast a verse in different versions of the Bible, all in real-time. Easily navigate to any book, chapter and verse in seconds.

There is a full Lexicon available to understand the original meanings of words, which can open up entirely new understandings. We've also built features that allow you to take, store and share notes about your study, insights and progress.

There is a social networking community you can use to connect with other like minded individuals to support your journey, share prayers, etc.

Pick up some swag in the online store or join a group discussion where you can partner up with others for an online group Bible study. 

Company Mission
The mission of www.biblestudycompany.com is to bring the philosophy of the Bible alive by creating an easy to use, cutting-edge online Bible together with tools, study approaches & a social community to make the it easily approachable, yet deeply understood by anyone seeking its wisdom & guidance.

Read full case study


 Subscription Based Stock Picking Marketplace 

cleartech saas custom web development

Software as a Service (SAAS) Web Service - ClearTech Interactive builds and launches www.verifiedinvesting.com, the first fully transparent, pay-for-performance stock picking platform which helps average investors improve their stock trading profits by giving them access to a marketplace of Verified professional traders.

Project Background
The creators/owners of www.VerifiedInvesting.com realized that the average investor had the deck stacked against them in an investing world dominated by hedge funds and institutional investors. Active investors looking for profitable trade alerts/advice had very few options, except to find and follow so called ‘professional’ traders (for an upfront subscription fee) and hope their picks were profitable and that he wasn’t fudging his own performance track record to lure them in.

Verified Investing solved this problem by bringing 1000’s of Verified Pro Traders to their website, tracking every trade and compiling track records for each Pro. Average investors are now flocking to Verified Investing to utilize their FREE service. 

Read full case study


E-Learning, Online Certification & Video Streaming Service

e learning custom web development

Educational Symposia is America's leading continuing education provider for the medical profession. Since 1975 they have been the leader in offering cutting edge training for doctors across the world.

After contending with a frustratingly outdated & poorly supported web system, EduSymp hired ClearTech Interactive to completely rebuild their entire back and front end e-learning system using modern web technologies.  

The system includes dozens of key features such as member profiles, custom e-learning management system, custom e-commerce, test administration, site administration, online test taking, scoring & delivery of CME certification. The project's scope was in excess of 1,500 hours. 

Client Testimonial
"We have been working with Clear Tech for over 4 years, in that time they have completed work on several large and complex projects. One example of which was custom e-learning system that includes, video streaming, test taking, and certificate creation, in addition this is also an e-commerce website. As we continue to grow and change ClearTech updates and modifies our websites to meet our ever changing needs. ClearTech is a great company to work with they work diligently to understand your vision so on completion of a project the end result is what your company needs. I would and have recommended them to other companies, they have a good work ethic and complete projects in a timely manner."


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Plan on Failing... If You Fail to Plan

Entrepenurialism is alive and well. Every day we receive calls from customers wanting to build the next great website or service. Building any kind of software is very much like hiring both an architect and general contractor to build you the home of your dreams. Imagine the choices you would need to make on such a project and you will have a better idea about the process.

Our expertise takes much of the pain out of that process, but you will still need an organized, well-thought out approach to the project if it is going to have any chance of succeeding. 

The two most popular methods for planning out software projects are called "Agile Methodology" and "Waterfall Methodology". Each has its own advantages, but the Agile method really stands out as the superior choice and has been the darling of Silicon Valley and most modern start-up ventures you've heard succeeding.

1. Agile Software Development Method

In Agile/Scrum the idea is that software should be built to meet user's needs and that the best way to achieve that is to build the product a little bit at a time and then get it into the hands of some potential users as early as soon as possible for feedback and suggestions. Doing so eliminates a lot of costly guesswork & features you might not have needed. And since you are conversing with customers, you will be on the quickest path to potential success. This process will save a tremendous amount of time and money and let you know early that you are heading in the right (or wrong) direction. This feedback loop is used to rapidly improve the product and present it to your customers for more and more feedback. This process stacks the odds in your favor instead of you trying to guess or make assumptions about what is needed. This process parallels the process successful Marketers have used for decades, surveying customers for what they need and want and then using the customer survey results and language, to sell the product to the customer. 

So, with an Agile approach, we incrementally build the product, usually in two-week sprints (time periods). We typically start off with a small planning project of about 1-2 weeks upfront. During this time we are working with you to rapidly understand the project, what a successful outcome would look like and what the key features and functions might be. 

We then proceed to quickly document these features by writing user stories which are simply descriptions of the key features. These stories define the system's features and functions. We also define what is called the minimum viable product or MVP, which is the minimum feature set that you could potentially launch with. The MVP helps to focus everyone around the features that MUST be done so that software can be gotten into the hands of users for feedback. Doing this inevitably saves a lot of time and money. The idea is to launch with a smaller feature set initially and get to market faster and then rapidly get feedback on features from a small group of customers and integrating them, little by little. This customer feedback loop is one of the most important aspects of  succeeding with your project. This style of development is under the umbrella of lean software development and these methodologies are in use at all the major software development firms who build all the great software and apps you use every day. It's fast; it relies on user feedback and it's cost-effective.

We have found this approach to be the best approach for custom web services and mobile application development because it is both cost-effective and adaptive. Clients avoid spending on features they really don't need, plus they get to engage early with real customers who will provide critical insights. In our experience, this method leads to rapid application development and speeds up time to market because of the focus on delivering functioning software every few weeks. 

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2. Waterfall Software Development Method

Another method of software development that used to be popular was the Waterfall Model. In this model, you attempt to pre-plan the entire project in advance, by defining the whole system up front. This style is best used when you are building the same kind of thing, over and over again or when you are building something small, well defined and easily understood. 

This might work well for smaller websites where there is little room for misunderstanding the market or client's needs and the project is relatively straightforward and easy to understand from a development perspective. In this method, a blueprint document is created with all the features and functions of the website. The client signs off on these firm requirements and then the site is built based on the document. Any deviations from the spec are billed for separately.

This method might work for manufacturing, but studies have shown that when this method is attempted in larger software projects, that time and budget overruns of 100% or more are the norms.

Also, using this method requires much more time upfront to really plan out the site's functions, features, workflows and requirements in minute detail. This isn't ideal for internet businesses when time to market becomes very important. Also, you don't get the immediate feedback loop like you do with Agile and you are taking some guesses about which features are really important.

An advantage of this method from our experience is that with SMALLER projects, it allows you to establish a fairly accurate budget forecast for the project by fully clarifying the project's features and functions upfront. BUT the downside is that every change the customer requests, that deviates from the blueprint, comes with additional costs.

Small businesses who have never built software before, tend to initially gravitate toward this methodology before they are educated about the Agile approach. Customers tend to think in terms of fixed budgets and fixed requirements, but in reality, it's almost impossible for clients to explain all they need or want upfront and get that all down in writing and once the project starts, it's difficult for most clients to adhere to a fixed feature set because as they learn more about their own product and see it come to life, they have new ideas they want to integrate. This is why Agile has become so popular because it acknowledges the fact that you have to be flexible to succeed and you must adapt & adjust based on real user feedback and what new information is learned throughout the course of a project.

Having said all that, for a few hundred hour project or less, a hybrid approach Agile + Waterfall approach can be used effectively. This combines some flexibility in features but also provides a comprehensive mutual understanding up front before work is started. This can be useful where projects are smaller and budgets are extremely limited.


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How are Projects Estimated?

As you can see from the above, planning a large software development project is not easy and several methodologies have been developed over the years to better answer these questions. Understandably small businesses often need to know, at least roughly, what a project might cost them before they can even determine if it's possible. In my experience there are a few viable ways to achieve this:

Ball Park Estimates 

Having been in software development for over 20 years, we have a good idea about the rough scope and complexity of projects. However, where this often breaks down is in our inability to accurately read a client's mind. So much can be implied when considering a large complex project. How do we know that what we are thinking is what you are thinking? We can't be sure. So a ballpark estimate is useful only to the degree that we can say, "it's probably between 200-400 hours or 300-500 hours or 750-1000 hours". A ball park estimate can give you a VERY rough idea about the size of a project, but this has to be taken with a large grain of salt and cannot be taken as a fact. These kinds of estimates can be useful to help you determine if you can even pursue the project. They can answer questions like, "Do I have the funds for this?" or "Can I raise the funds for it?" But NEVER assume such an estimate as a fact because there's usually just too much missing information at this early stage. 

An Informed Estimate

A better solution is what we refer to as an informed estimate. When a client has a custom web development project that exceeds 200 hours, we recommend that they invest in a planning/road mapping session. During this step, you get to work with an expert web development professional who will help you think through, plan out and define your project in a matter of a week or two. This results in a project plan that seeks to outline the key site functions and features as well as the size and scope of the project. We will have several interviews with you or your team to ask questions and clarify your vision and make suggestions. This small step could save you a lot of pain and discomfort and prevent you from making some huge mistakes. The result of this process is a high level blueprint document of your system with a list of features, priorities and our suggestions. Customers love going through this process because they acquire a new level of understanding of their product and we can deliver a much more informed estimate for what your might cost. And completing this little project gives both parties a great sense of what it will be like to work together on the larger project. 


Sometimes the planning step can be taken a step further where we include as part of it, screen, app or website mock-ups to help you really visualize the outcome. This is usually only needed when a project is very complex or if a client needs them to raise funds for his project.  Often times these prototype screens will include the Home page of your website or app, plus many of the key pages or screens. This allows you and your investors to see what the completed website vision will look like while omitting the complex logic and programming.


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Be Careful to Not Get Scammed

Since 2003, we’ve become one of Tampa's most trusted website development providers. We have excelled due to our great attention to detail and superior communication skills, which are both extremely important during any large web development project. There are many things that can derail a project and create a lot of problems once it gets started. The larger the project, the greater the opportunities for misunderstandings and failures. This is why there is no substitute for a careful detail-oriented approach.

Over many years, we've seen firms try to rush clients into projects, in order to "make the sale". These kinds of projects are often very loose on details and this is how disconnects occur and why so many web development projects fail, cost much more than expected and are delayed. With extreme care to details, large complex projects become easy to manage and a joy to develop. 

If you're feeling rushed or pressured by a provider to get started or if you're questioning whether or not the provider could possibly really understand your project in such a short space of time, given the amount of time they have invested, then you may be better to look elsewhere. These are red flags that you need to heed.

Our company often gets called upon to re-develop and salvage many failed projects. In our experience most failed projects are usually caused by a loose approach to product development where the vendor was vague and pretty much said YES to everything and the customer had very little in writing about what was agreed upon to be done.


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Reliable Web Development

Finding a competent website development company in Tampa or anywhere else for that matter is nowhere near as easy as you might think. Many individuals and firms will knowingly or unknowingly make promises they can't keep, in the hopes they can land your project. Once you're in their net and are vested financially, now what? You'll have to deal with the incompetence and frustration or simply bail out.

Other firms will lure you in with a typical bait and switch approach. That amazing low priced estimate magically balloons mid-project. We've seen this lead to conflicts where the developer refuses to work on the project until more money is paid and the client refuses to pay more money. Their out? They claim you didn't say you wanted  ____ feature or that they never said _____ features was included. This is a pretty widespread problem that is painful to navigate.

And what about going overseas? Our clients who have attempted this have told us it leads to lots of problems such as language barriers, constant misunderstandings, cultural differences in style & quality, constant hand-holding and babysitting required, lower quality work, odd time zones where you have to be up in the middle of the night and of course there's the risk of the developer disappearing and leaving you without recourse when things go bad. 

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