What are Google Enhanced Campaigns?

What are Google Enhanced Campaigns

People used to do most of their online searching at the computer. Today, 90% of those who own multiple devices — like smartphones and tablets — transition between several different screens to accomplish one task, even while coming and going from home.

Imagine if you could direct different ads to different people, based on where they are and what they’re using at that very moment.

It sounds great, but it hasn’t been easy… until now. Google Enhanced Campaigns have changed the online advertising game by adding real-world context. They let us send the right advertisement at just the right time, and all as part of the same campaign.

How Google Enhanced Campaigns Work

So how can an ad campaign be so user-specific? It comes down to “context clues.”

When a web user runs a search, Google instantly captures information about the time of day, the device they’re using, and where in the world that person is standing in that exact moment. Google refers to that data as “context.”

Context is Key for Today’s Google Ads

As it turns out, context matters. What Google Enhanced Campaigns offer is the ability to reach users with an ad that is so relevant to them right then & there that it can make the difference between an overlooked banner and a captured lead or sale.

For example, a coffee shop might want to advertise a bulk-order discount for someone searching on a computer in the afternoon (an employee making a coffee run for the office, perhaps). But for someone a mile away on their iPhone, the store address with directions and a click-to-call phone number would be more effective.

With Google Enhanced Campaigns, we can detect who those people are and simultaneously direct different ads to each of them.

One Campaign to Rule Them All

The new tools are actually a simplification of what was already possible — but complicated — using Google AdWords before. Previously, separate campaigns were required for each targeted combination of time, location, and device.

But Google Enhanced Campaigns are smarter than that. Now we can configure a single campaign to send out highly relevant content to users along a whole spectrum of time/place/device combinations.

What does that mean for your business? Well, in addition to a boost in leads and conversions, our enhanced campaigns also make better use of your advertising dollars.

Smart Bidding with Google Enhanced Campaigns Saves Money

Using AdWords, companies can place bids that tell Google how much they’re willing to spend for different keyword combinations on different devices, at different times of the day. We adjust campaigns to target each user for the best ad experience possible.

For example, we can bid higher for people using a mobile tablet and lower for a less valuable time of day.

After all, the coffee shop in our example above can probably attract more customers during those brain-drain hours in the early morning or mid-afternoon than they can late at night. We would adjust the bidding accordingly, making the most of your budget.

Hire a Google Enhanced Campaigns Specialist

Enhanced ads can quickly become expensive and wasteful if not strategically implemented with careful bidding and refined design. At ClearTech Interactive, we offer advertising campaign management for both small and enterprise-class companies.

To talk to an expert about how enhanced advertising can significantly increase your company’s reach and ROI, send us an email or call us at 727-562-5161 & Press 1 to speak with a Google Enhanced Campaigns Specialist.