What Is a Google AdWords Expert/Specialist?

What Is a Google AdWords Expert/Specialist

Your company is one of the most important things in your life. It provides a source of income for you and those who work for you. It allows you to provide a service or product to others out there who need it. However, marketing it can be a real bear, especially when it comes to Google AdWords. Finding an expert in the field is essential to success, as it can be very difficult to do on your own. What is a Google AdWords expert though? What makes them different from the average web marketer? It’s time we learned.

Definition of an Expert/Specialist

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the term “expert” means, “having or showing special skill or knowledge because of what you have been taught or what you experienced”.

The term “specialist” means “a person who has special knowledge and skill relating to a particular job, area of study, etc.”

Once you understand these definitions, it becomes easy to know what a Google AdWords specialist is and what they should be able to do.

Of course, those who try to market themselves as experts, even though they do not have the special knowledge, skill or experience needed to perform the job well. B so-called expert might want to fool you into thinking they are a good choice. It’s important to weed out who knows what and who the experts really are.

An AdWords Expert Lowers Your Cost per Lead/Sale

One of the things that the AdWords specialist is able to do is to build an effective Google AdWords campaign which squeezes the most performance out of your budget resulting in the lowest cost per sale or lead that can be accomplished. This leads right into the next section.

An AdWords Expert Lowers Your Cost per Click

Before you can make a sale you have to have a lead and before you can have a lead you have to have the person click over to your website. A Google AdWords expert knows how to lower your cost per click effectively. This is done through a variety of methods such as using negative keywords, geo-targeting, audiences, remarketing, different match types, split A/B testing, etc. with the campaign set up very efficiently, this inevitably lowers the cost per click and drives the proper kind of visitors who are your perfect target audience.

An AdWords Expert Gets a Much Better Conversion Rate

The last section naturally leads right into getting a better conversion rate. By focusing on the right customers, the right campaign, the right cost per click, the right keywords, the right ads, etc. this leads into better conversion rates. By conversion rate we mean how many clicks it took to get you a new lead or sale. We turn this into a fraction and we get a certain conversion rate percentage. The higher the conversion rate the better. It means that your company is targeting those who have a higher chance of actually converting and becoming customers.

An AdWords Specialist Get More Bang for your Buck

In the end, this means that you are going to get a better result than you would if you were to try to handle the AdWords campaign on your own or hired an inexperienced person. Time and time again we see companies wasting thousands and thousands of dollars by hiring inexperienced people to manage their campaigns. It results in a lot of wasted money, time and resources. It takes several years to train an AdWords specialist so that they can effectively run AdWords campaigns.

When trying to answer the question of what is a Google AdWords expert, the answer should be simple. Someone who gets great results, saves time and money, and it helps you grow your business.

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