What is Google Remarketing / Retargeting?

What is Google Remarketing

Use Remarketing to Re-Target Website Visitors Who Didn’t Buy The First Time

Have you ever wished you could get back in touch with a customer who left your website without ever buying anything? Obviously, they were interested enough to pay you a visit, but something — an unexpected phone call, maybe — pulled their attention away.

Well don’t give up. You can still re-capture that lead.

Say hello to a relatively recent tool in the e-marketing utility belt: Remarketing / Retargeting. This fresh approach, which Google began offering in 2010, targets your former visitors on other companies’ websites.

How Google Remarketing Works

Here’s how it works: using Google’s AdWords, we set up a special Remarketing Campaign. Once running, it will place a small file on your website visitor’s computer if that visitor doesn’t complete a purchase or a desired action we define. This file helps us identify all the visitors we need to remarket to.

Now, with the magic of Google Remarketing, when that user is visiting an entirely different website such as their favorite news website, etc., they’ll see your highly targeted & relevant Remarketing Ad, thus increasing your chances of reclaiming that visitor and turning them into a paying customer.

A Simple Remarketing / Retargeting Example

How about an example of what Google Remarketing / Retargeting can do? Let’s say you manage an e-business that sells music equipment. Imagine a local DJ named David was browsing high-end turntables on your site yesterday but left for a local gig before making a purchase.

The next day, David’s reading online recipes but hasn’t bought a turntable yet. You could direct a “20% Off Turntables” coupon to show up on his favorite food site, bringing him right back to your business while he’s still in the market.

Google Remarketing Empowers You to Find the Leads that Left

The technique has proven itself remarkably effective, both for converting leads and maximizing ROI. It allows businesses to reserve their advertising money for customers who are already a good bet.

Web marketing experts know how to configure Google Remarketing ads so that they target incredibly specific audiences, making sure you don’t spread your advertising dollars too thin. “Maximum budget” controls are available as well.

But for real success in Google Retargeting, the ad’s appearance is critical. Customers on other sites aren’t necessarily looking for your ad, so it has to catch their eye with a well-thought-out design and an offer that can seal the deal.

Our experience shows that a well-crafted, professionally designed banner ad can make all the difference.

Remarketing’s Real Value is in the Bottom Line

It’s a well-known rule that in online advertising, the wider you cast your net, the more money it’s going to cost you. Anytime you can more precisely target your desired audience, you’ll improve your marketing effectiveness while also reducing your costs.

Retargeting allows you to invest your marketing dollars in customers who are the most likely to generate a return.

Hire a Google Remarketing Specialist

At ClearTech Interactive, we offer Remarketing ad campaign development & management to companies looking for the most cost-effective web marketing strategy.

We’ve seen sales & conversion rates eight to ten times higher using Remarketing — with costs five to ten times less — compared to standard AdWords advertising.

To talk to an expert about what Google Remarketing / Retargeting can do for your company, send us an email or call us today at 727-562-5161 & Press 1 to speak with a Google Remarketing Specialist.