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    E-Commerce tailored to your particular shoppers’ needs & preferences to help you make more sales!

  • Sell to a Worldwide Audience

    Choose to sell in the U.S. or expand your reach to a worldwide audience

  • More Sales Per Customer

    Upsell and cross-sell customers as well as recover customer’s abandoned carts to maximize online sales.

  • Easily Add More Cart Features

    Add powerful new features inexpensively by installing news apps & plugins

  • Site Analytics & Reverse Funnels

    Track visitor & sale sources back to their origins so you drive even more sales.

  • Create Customer Evangelists

    Win their hearts & minds by rewarding & strengthening positive behaviors

Want an E-Commerce Site that Actually Makes Sales?

Build a sales machine and double or triple your online sales in 6 months

E-Commerce Website Development Services Done Right!

Sell Your Products in Volume and Earn Repeat Customers

What determines your ability to sell is not the system you choose but the intelligence and smarts that went into building your website. There is no substitute for experienced e-commerce web developers and marketers who can make the difference between very few sales and a successful online store that sells products in volume and continually grows the average spend per customer. To achieve this requires years of experience in online marketing, sales & conversion tactics. The average web guy can’t do that. Most are nuts and bolts developers who see your e-commerce store as merely a static website instead of a dynamic online brand extension, offering a persuasive shopping experience catered to their needs in order to get them to purchase your products and continue to come back for more.

More than any other factor, the vendor you choose will be the largest determining factor of your online success. Pick the lowest cost, least experienced vendor and you’ll end up moving backwards. Pick the right company and you’ll start successfully growing your online business. Remember, the online competition is fierce and requires that you employ the very latest knowledge, tactics and strategies in order to sell your products.

What Shopping Cart System Should I Choose?

The Vendor You Select is More Important Than the Underlying Cart System

There are probably a hundred or more e-commerce systems out there. The most important factor as stated above is your vendor selection (which web development company you will select). You want a vendor who has a lot of experience in online sales who can help guide you to make the proper choices AND explain what you need to do in order to succeed online. Today it’s just not enough for them to be able to offer an off-the-shelf shopping cart; what you really want is a vendor with experience setting up stores that sell! That experience is worth 10-20x or more compared to what you’ll pay for your website and will in fact largely determine the measure of success you achieve.

The biggest mistake is in treating your online store purchase as a “commodity” purchase. My advice is to FIRST buy the web developer based on their experience and then buy the product (the system). A vendor with a decade or more of experience in this area is worth their weight in gold if they know how to make websites move products and services. It’s important that they’ve been through lots of implementations and can explain the nuances of online marketing and sales for your industry and implement battle tested features which will speed up your success.

Naturally the underlying system is important too. In most cases, a rented e-commerce platform is not the ideal solution for established businesses. You want to own your property (e-commerce store) and you want to be able to control it and be able to expand and add any custom features that your customers may need in the future. All rented carts have such limitations that can’t be overcome. When it comes to your business, think equity. You want to be able to own and control the property in most cases. The only exception to this would be if the business is a micro-startup, selling a very simple product and it’s not known whether the product will generate any demand. But hopefully, those questions have already been answered in your market research.

E-Commerce Questions? Not Sure Where to Start?

We’ll walk you through the process and get you up to speed in no time!

E-Commerce Website Features To Look For

Minimum Features Your E-Commerce Store Should Have

In terms of core features and functionality you’re going to want a system that has at least these minimum requirements:

  • A simple, yet very fast loading shopping cart system
  • Easy to search or browse for products naturally
  • Easy to filter product categories by certain criteria (color, size, etc)
  • Secure and provides for encrypted purchases
  • Captures all user’s email for follow up marketing
  • Easy to use Administrative Control panel to control your online store
  • Detailed administrative reporting capabilities
  • Easy updating of product inventory
  • Easily re-order products
  • Offer coupons, discounts on shipping and other specials
  • Offer customer rewards to incentivize further repeat sales & referrals
  • Integrate with multiple shipping carriers & multiple payment methods
  • Allow customers to review & rate products (social interaction)
  • Social media integration so customers can spread the word! (free advertising)
  • Suggest products based on what they’ve viewed or added to their shopping cart
  • Ownership of your e-commerce store (vs leased or rented)

These are just a few of the features you’ll want to have at the core of your system. Beyond these basic features are more advanced features that can really magnify your online sales capabilities and drive up sales considerably.

Customer Rants & Raves!

We couldn’t do what we love if it wasn’t for our amazing customers. We love every one of them!

“…somehow they made it a reality on our website. We get compliments regularly on how beautiful and how easy the site is…”


Sarah, Founder
Lending Luxury Inc.

“…Helpful, responsive and nailed it! Hands down one of the best experiences I have had with any internet company…”


Bricole, Vice President
Interactive Metronome

“…the best experience I ever had building a site, these guys know what they are doing, I highly recommend them…”


Tres Martin, Founder
Performance Boat School

Get Excited – The Future of E-Commerce is Bright!

The industry is hotter than ever. Isn’t it time to take part?

Internet sales will experience double digit growth through 2020 when sales will top $4 trillion!

In a month or so you can establish an online store and look like an established company that has been around for years. E-Commerce websites can be set up with a relatively small investment compared to setting up a retail store. Without the need for retail space, clerks and sales people it’s no wonder it has often been referred to as the “perfect business”. You develop a shopping store that looks great, functions extremely simply, has proven sales and marketing tactics baked into its DNA and then you bring visitors in and collect orders. Naturally, it’s a little more complicated than that, but not much more.

E-commerce stores level the playing field. When they are professionally built and expertly marketed you can suddenly compete with any online store. And the outlook for online sales couldn’t be brighter. For example, in 2016, e-commerce sales—which include products and services (not including travel, restaurant, and event ticket sales) ordered via the internet over any device—will have reached $1.915 trillion in 2016, accounting for 8.7% of total retail spending worldwide. eMarketer estimates sales will top $4 trillion by 2020! Today you can buy almost anything online that you can buy in a store, including mobile phones, groceries, services, cars, homes, boats, levitating hover scooters (I kid not) and yes, even military armored tanks!

Before & Afters – E-Commerce Website Redesigns

Presentation Matters – An Outdated E-commerce Site Can Scare Away Potential Customers

Educational Symposium E-Commerce Redesign

After contending with a frustratingly outdated & poorly supported web system, EduSymp hired ClearTech Interactive to completely rebuild their entire system from the ground up using modern web technologies. The result? Better sales, a better user-experience & happier customers. What’s not to love?

DocMedEd E-Commerce Website Redesign

ClearTech Interactive built DocMedEd from scratch, a premiere, on-demand video streaming service for the continuing medical education community. A refreshed design came in 2016 which is even more appealing and easier to navigate.

PlayGround King E-Commerce Website Redesign

When Tampa’s Top PlayGround & Outdoor fun company needed a website redesign, they called on ClearTech Interactive. The result: a beautiful, modern website that is a breeze to manage and which customers love to use.

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If you want to avoid all of the pitfalls that are so common and you are looking to hire a web or mobile app company take a serious look at ClearTech Interactive. Since 2003, we have been a Florida favorite and have completed thousands of projects for happy customers. You will be thrilled with our services from start to finish. Most customers report noticing a big and immediate difference when speaking with us during their initial consultation, compared to other companies!

Give us call today at 727-562-5161 & Press 1 to speak with a knowledgeable Tampa web development expert or request a phone call online.

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Did a great job on my website
John McMahon
John McMahon
22:00 12 Jan 21
"Time flies" but we've been working with Cleartech Interactive for more than 10 years now. Not only did they develop our first "real" e-commerce website, but they have given us exemplary support every time we hit the limits of our limited Internet or email skill set. They always talk us through the problem and get us back in business quickly. We can't "see" them, but we've always received "Service with a smile."read more
Leigh Stevens
Leigh Stevens
20:42 07 Aug 20
After speaking to multiple companies to find someone to develop my personal budgeting mobile app (Mazuma Pro), I chose ClearTech Interactive Corp. From the moment I first spoke with Scott, I knew I found the right place. The first thing he did was listen to my ideas to determine if they even made sense. As we moved through the process, he offered suggestions and ideas and helped organize the workflow to hash out the details of the specifications. Scott, along their past projects and history, were the initial reasons I chose ClearTech.I am glad I did. When the internal team took over and started actual development of the app, Holly and the team did awesome. In developing a financial app, the details and communication are very important and Holly is top notch on both. Any unforseen issues and obstacles that popped up as development progressed were handled efficiently and effectively.I am very satisfied with the results, the company and the people involved and will continue to use them for my app and website programming needs.--WIll Chandler--read more
Mazuma Pro
Mazuma Pro
10:56 23 Mar 20
we are highly recommend ClearTech services to everyone.Abbas Baig Web Developers Lahore Pakistan
Abbas Baig
Abbas Baig
08:58 21 Feb 20
ClearTech has been nothing short of amazing in building our new website. Scott reviewed our goals and objectives and really understood our vision. Our project manager, Holly Jaillet, is extremely capable and responsive (whenever we have a question, she responds within hours). She goes out of her way to provide clear instructions on maintaining our website, including awesome instructional videos. We are a non-profit so costs are a consideration. ClearTech designed an amazing website for us on time and within budget.read more
Wendy Tunstall
Wendy Tunstall
14:10 14 Jan 20
I selected Cleartech to design and build a new website for my company of 20 years. I chose Cleartech based on their detailed web site and the myriad of services they offer. Although we have an IT Web Development department with the skills sets in house, I chose Cleartech to design and build our new web site. Cleartech did a fantastic job, went above and beyond, and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend their services to anyone.read more
Charles McCallum
Charles McCallum
19:20 04 Sep 19
Cleartech Interactive designed my company's brand new website/ online store from the grounds up. It was a painless and seamless process and I can not be happier with the results. The project was completed on time and in budget. I highly recommend Cleartech Interactive.Erick GranaOwnerRegena Nutraceuticalsread more
Erick Grana
Erick Grana
01:22 04 Sep 19
I have a lot going on right now so I can't talk about the details of my chair is in my name and number
Ethon My
Ethon My
04:40 09 Apr 19
As the marketing manager for Pure Touch Water Filters it is my job to make sure our business is always marketed and represented in the best way. So when it came time to “redo” our outdated website I went into research mode to find the best graphic website developers. I know I wanted someone somewhat local and not one of these nation wide “website mills” that just cranked out websites. I wanted quality and above all, I wanted that “white glove” experience. After many hours of research, I stumbled upon Cleartech Interactive and boy was I glad I did! From the get go, they were honest, knowledgeable, and didn’t try to sell me on themselves. They let their portfolios speak for itself. Holly my account rep and main contact not only answered all my questions but made sure EVERYTHING was done to my specifications and directions; and there were A LOT of demands to specific detail on my end. The end result was not only outstanding, but well under budget! So I’ll let their work speak for itself. Check out our website (link below), and give them a call. I can’t imagine anyone being dissapointed... no matter what your project is. Keep up the awesome work Holly and team!www.puretouchwaterfilters.comread more
Nima Zanjani
Nima Zanjani
12:04 23 Feb 18
Holly was a delight to work with. Our project was a big undertaking, but the end result has turned out great! We get so many compliments. Thank you Cleartech!
Chantelle Myers
Chantelle Myers
15:18 15 Feb 18
When our biggest client put me to the test to launch a new web store for their employees that was modern, eye catching and EASY to navigate I was more that thankful to have found Holly and the entire Cleartech staff. From the first contact they were responsive, interactive and attentive. I felt as though we had some pretty challenging requests and Holly handled them with ease and professionalism. I can not say enough about Cleartechs ability to to produce web sites and web stores that are amazing, functional and stylish - they filled my every request. I consider myself lucky to have found them as they made my job MUCH easier. I will not hesitate to refer them and already have! Thank You Holly - you and your team are awesome!read more
Trish Musser
Trish Musser
15:12 25 Jan 18
Great company!! Holly is amazing!
David Freeman
David Freeman
15:01 25 Jan 18
Cleartech has been an absolute pleasure to work with. We have been working with Holly and she is always available to answer questions, make changes, and help in any way needed. She even worked diligently on a Saturday to help us reach a new deadline. I don't have enough good things to say about our experience. Thank you Cleartech! THANK YOU HOLLY!read more
Paloma Lopes
Paloma Lopes
16:01 19 Apr 17
I had a wonderful experience working with ClearTech. Holly delivered a professional product that we can be proud of. Our website will definitely get more traffic.
Sharon Gunter
Sharon Gunter
15:34 13 Apr 17
ClearTech delivered an excellent product, on time and on budget. We are a fairly low-tech organization, but their staff was excellent to guide us through the project and helped every step of the way!! Very pleased with our experience.
Charles Lea
Charles Lea
22:27 22 Feb 17
Honestly one of the most attention-to-detail design companies in Florida if not the nation. The amount of knowledge and scrutiny they put on just the littlest of things surprise even me. If you are looking for a company that truly sees the long term value of an idea, offering or service, and knows how to bring success to that idea, you've definitely found the right people at Cleartech Interactive. Thank you Scott, and Holly for everything you have done for me and my business. I would have never made it this far without you. 🙂read more
Thomas Stinson
Thomas Stinson
16:21 16 Jun 16
We have been working with Clear Tech for over 4 years, in that time they have completed work on several large and complex projects. One example of which was custom e-learning system that includes, video streaming, test taking and certificate creation, in addition this is also an e-commerce website. As we continue to grow and change Clear Tech updates and modifies our websites to meet our ever changing needs. Clear Tech is a great company to work with they work diligently to understand your vision so on completion of a project the end result is what your company needs. I would and have recommended them to other companies, they have a good work ethic and compete projects in a timely manner.read more
Doug Humphrey
Doug Humphrey
20:14 24 Mar 16
Great Company. Scott and his team are wonderful to work with!! Our website has been greatly improved and this has helped our business to grow. Due in large part to the crew at Cleartech Interactive we will hit an all time high this year in sales. Our company has been doing business under the same owner for 31+ years, in that time we have dealt with some companies that we would not feel comfortable recommending. But, this company is very knowledgeable about their field! "Great bunch of people" to work with. They are always very responsive to our needs when we call or email!!We highly recommend doing business with Cleartech Interactive Corp! read more
All Weather Roofing
All Weather Roofing
14:38 04 Nov 15
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