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  • Go Beyond WordPress

    Be wary of building a low quality, cobbled together Franken-product. We fit the right solution to your exact needs.

  • A Proven Approach

    We don’t allow projects to be run in a slipshod fashion. We know the exact steps you need to take to succeed and we won’t let you skip any of them!

  • Build Only The Essentials First

    With custom builds, we encourage you NOT to build it all in one go. Financially most firms would encourage otherwise but it’s not the right approach for YOU to succeed!

  • Decades of Experience

    Hundreds of years of combined team experience in the enterprise and small businesses. We’ve seen it all and won’t be learning on the job!

  • The Journey Matters a Lot!

    How you get from A to B, is just as important as the final result. Your journey could be a mental and emotional drama or a confident, care-free experience. Which do you want?

  • Fanatical Customer Support

    We win the love and respect of our customers because honest, caring and amazing people are still hard to find. We want to make you a fan & lifelong friend!

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No Hand Holding, No Babysitting, No Fails. Thousands of Projects Since 2003

Do you have an idea for an amazing website or mobile app?  Need an amazing web developer? Since 2003 we’ve been helping customers bring their web based businesses to life. Whether it’s a subscription based website, online marketplace or a mashup of different ideas, we can help you develop your idea, prioritize features and then build it!

(Or maybe your needs are more modest and you simply need a promotional website for your business.)

ClearTech Interactive is a one of the best web developers in the local area. Established in 2003 and serving Tampa Bay, Florida and the entire US as well as international markets. We specialize in all types of web development services including application development, custom websites, e-commerce websitesmobile applications as well as SEO and internet advertising on Google and other platforms.

We’re often asked by prospective customers if our talented web developers can build a particular kind of online system or service. The short answer is YES. Many of our web developers have 10, 15 and even 20+ years of web development experience and the combined experience of our team is well over 250 years!

We have web development experience building a variety of exciting websites such as:

  1. Subscription based websites
  2. Social Networks & Community Websites
  3. SAAS (software as a service)
  4. E-Learning Systems
  5. Media Streaming Services
  6. Auction Websites
  7. Cloud-Based Systems & Infrastructure
  8. Custom E-Commerce Systems
  9. Custom Back Office Systems
  10. Custom Corporate Websites & Portals.
  11. Software to Run Your Business
  12. Legacy Conversion of Older Systems into Web/Mobile Based Apps
  13. Native Android and native IOS mobile apps, as well as HTML 5 mobile adaptive websites

Every product we build is designed to be easy to use and engaging for your customers. Our single goal is to make your online business a total success.

Our Google Reviews!

Did a great job on my website
John McMahon
John McMahon
22:00 12 Jan 21
"Time flies" but we've been working with Cleartech Interactive for more than 10 years now. Not only did they develop our first "real" e-commerce website, but they have given us exemplary support every time we hit the limits of our limited Internet or email skill set. They always talk us through the problem and get us back in business quickly. We can't "see" them, but we've always received "Service with a smile."read more
Leigh Stevens
Leigh Stevens
20:42 07 Aug 20
After speaking to multiple companies to find someone to develop my personal budgeting mobile app (Mazuma Pro), I chose ClearTech Interactive Corp. From the moment I first spoke with Scott, I knew I found the right place. The first thing he did was listen to my ideas to determine if they even made sense. As we moved through the process, he offered suggestions and ideas and helped organize the workflow to hash out the details of the specifications. Scott, along their past projects and history, were the initial reasons I chose ClearTech.I am glad I did. When the internal team took over and started actual development of the app, Holly and the team did awesome. In developing a financial app, the details and communication are very important and Holly is top notch on both. Any unforseen issues and obstacles that popped up as development progressed were handled efficiently and effectively.I am very satisfied with the results, the company and the people involved and will continue to use them for my app and website programming needs.--WIll Chandler--read more
Mazuma Pro
Mazuma Pro
10:56 23 Mar 20
we are highly recommend ClearTech services to everyone.Abbas Baig Web Developers Lahore Pakistan
Abbas Baig
Abbas Baig
08:58 21 Feb 20
ClearTech has been nothing short of amazing in building our new website. Scott reviewed our goals and objectives and really understood our vision. Our project manager, Holly Jaillet, is extremely capable and responsive (whenever we have a question, she responds within hours). She goes out of her way to provide clear instructions on maintaining our website, including awesome instructional videos. We are a non-profit so costs are a consideration. ClearTech designed an amazing website for us on time and within budget.read more
Wendy Tunstall
Wendy Tunstall
14:10 14 Jan 20
I selected Cleartech to design and build a new website for my company of 20 years. I chose Cleartech based on their detailed web site and the myriad of services they offer. Although we have an IT Web Development department with the skills sets in house, I chose Cleartech to design and build our new web site. Cleartech did a fantastic job, went above and beyond, and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend their services to anyone.read more
Charles McCallum
Charles McCallum
19:20 04 Sep 19
Cleartech Interactive designed my company's brand new website/ online store from the grounds up. It was a painless and seamless process and I can not be happier with the results. The project was completed on time and in budget. I highly recommend Cleartech Interactive.Erick GranaOwnerRegena Nutraceuticalsread more
Erick Grana
Erick Grana
01:22 04 Sep 19
I have a lot going on right now so I can't talk about the details of my chair is in my name and number
Ethon My
Ethon My
04:40 09 Apr 19
As the marketing manager for Pure Touch Water Filters it is my job to make sure our business is always marketed and represented in the best way. So when it came time to “redo” our outdated website I went into research mode to find the best graphic website developers. I know I wanted someone somewhat local and not one of these nation wide “website mills” that just cranked out websites. I wanted quality and above all, I wanted that “white glove” experience. After many hours of research, I stumbled upon Cleartech Interactive and boy was I glad I did! From the get go, they were honest, knowledgeable, and didn’t try to sell me on themselves. They let their portfolios speak for itself. Holly my account rep and main contact not only answered all my questions but made sure EVERYTHING was done to my specifications and directions; and there were A LOT of demands to specific detail on my end. The end result was not only outstanding, but well under budget! So I’ll let their work speak for itself. Check out our website (link below), and give them a call. I can’t imagine anyone being dissapointed... no matter what your project is. Keep up the awesome work Holly and team!www.puretouchwaterfilters.comread more
Nima Zanjani
Nima Zanjani
12:04 23 Feb 18
Holly was a delight to work with. Our project was a big undertaking, but the end result has turned out great! We get so many compliments. Thank you Cleartech!
Chantelle Myers
Chantelle Myers
15:18 15 Feb 18
When our biggest client put me to the test to launch a new web store for their employees that was modern, eye catching and EASY to navigate I was more that thankful to have found Holly and the entire Cleartech staff. From the first contact they were responsive, interactive and attentive. I felt as though we had some pretty challenging requests and Holly handled them with ease and professionalism. I can not say enough about Cleartechs ability to to produce web sites and web stores that are amazing, functional and stylish - they filled my every request. I consider myself lucky to have found them as they made my job MUCH easier. I will not hesitate to refer them and already have! Thank You Holly - you and your team are awesome!read more
Trish Musser
Trish Musser
15:12 25 Jan 18
Great company!! Holly is amazing!
David Freeman
David Freeman
15:01 25 Jan 18
Cleartech has been an absolute pleasure to work with. We have been working with Holly and she is always available to answer questions, make changes, and help in any way needed. She even worked diligently on a Saturday to help us reach a new deadline. I don't have enough good things to say about our experience. Thank you Cleartech! THANK YOU HOLLY!read more
Paloma Lopes
Paloma Lopes
16:01 19 Apr 17
I had a wonderful experience working with ClearTech. Holly delivered a professional product that we can be proud of. Our website will definitely get more traffic.
Sharon Gunter
Sharon Gunter
15:34 13 Apr 17
ClearTech delivered an excellent product, on time and on budget. We are a fairly low-tech organization, but their staff was excellent to guide us through the project and helped every step of the way!! Very pleased with our experience.
Charles Lea
Charles Lea
22:27 22 Feb 17
Honestly one of the most attention-to-detail design companies in Florida if not the nation. The amount of knowledge and scrutiny they put on just the littlest of things surprise even me. If you are looking for a company that truly sees the long term value of an idea, offering or service, and knows how to bring success to that idea, you've definitely found the right people at Cleartech Interactive. Thank you Scott, and Holly for everything you have done for me and my business. I would have never made it this far without you. 🙂read more
Thomas Stinson
Thomas Stinson
16:21 16 Jun 16
We have been working with Clear Tech for over 4 years, in that time they have completed work on several large and complex projects. One example of which was custom e-learning system that includes, video streaming, test taking and certificate creation, in addition this is also an e-commerce website. As we continue to grow and change Clear Tech updates and modifies our websites to meet our ever changing needs. Clear Tech is a great company to work with they work diligently to understand your vision so on completion of a project the end result is what your company needs. I would and have recommended them to other companies, they have a good work ethic and compete projects in a timely manner.read more
Doug Humphrey
Doug Humphrey
20:14 24 Mar 16
Great Company. Scott and his team are wonderful to work with!! Our website has been greatly improved and this has helped our business to grow. Due in large part to the crew at Cleartech Interactive we will hit an all time high this year in sales. Our company has been doing business under the same owner for 31+ years, in that time we have dealt with some companies that we would not feel comfortable recommending. But, this company is very knowledgeable about their field! "Great bunch of people" to work with. They are always very responsive to our needs when we call or email!!We highly recommend doing business with Cleartech Interactive Corp! read more
All Weather Roofing
All Weather Roofing
14:38 04 Nov 15
Google Rating

How to Avoid Problematic Web Developers

A Low Risk Approach That Defends Your Investment, Reduces Stress & Avoids Major Pitfalls

If you don’t want your projects to fail you will only work with a web development company that insists on taking an industry standard approach that almost guarantees success. You’ll know whether you’re working with the correct web development company by how they approach a project. The secret to project success is the RoadMapping Session.

Would you consider traveling to a third world country where you had to get to a far off place you had never been to, at a certain time and with very limited resources without a GPS or a least a map, guidance and directions? It would be folly. At the least you’d never arrive on time and you’d probably spend all your money and never get even 1/2 way there. And on the downside, you might end up your running into the wrong people, mislead, robbed or even worse.

Tackling a custom web development project is pretty similar. You’re going to places you’ve never been with people you’ve never traveled with. You face a lot of the same perils. There are too many parts & aspects of a project that are outside your realm of experience but which could derail your journey and bring untold misery. But you can put yourself back in control, with a JPS, a plan, a map and exact directions that guarantee you’ll arrive safely!

A Proven Web Development Formula

Our Low Risk Approach Defends Your Financial Investment, Saves Time & Avoids Headaches

1Plan To Succeed

Would you attempt to build the home of your dream without hiring an architect or real estate developer? Would you allow the contractor to speak with you for an hour or less and trust that the estimate was accurate? How about all the material costs? What if the builder never bothered to make a list of what you’d be getting? What do you think you’d get? The most important first step to building an amazing product is to work with a web development company who’s going to take the time to plan out what you want, what it won’t contain and how it will function. Only then can you guarantee the outcome!

2Focus on The Essentials

Once you’ve completed your Roadmapping Session, your web development company is going to help you focus on building only the essential features of your system. This is known as the MVP (minimum viable product). You want to avoid building every conceivable feature at first and start with a smaller sub-set of features, so that you archive a functioning prototype. This allows you to lower your risk and costs by getting your idea/product in front of your users at the earliest possible time. Doing so allows you to acquire valuable user feedback which will dictate what features users are willing to pay for.

3Get Feedback & Improve

Once you’ve built the essential features you’ll want to get your product into the hands of users right away to test your assumptions & see how real customers respond to a slimmed down version of your product. This valuable step creates a feedback loop to confirm your assumptions and truly validate which additional features are not really needed, which are desirable and which are totally necessary for success. Without this feedback loop, you’d have to build every feature, hoping they are all valuable. Customers are surprised to learn that many assumptions are often proven incorrect so always test & collect feedback!

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Recent Web Development Projects

Check out some of the latest web development projects & our Google Reviews!

Mobile Web Application / Marketplace

Mobile Web Application / Marketplace – A Florida roofer develops www.roofwire.com an innovative mobile service which will revolutionize how roofers estimate and purchase roofing materials through an online marketplace.

Project Background
As a long time roofer, Brian Gullett realized that there should be a better way to purchase roofing supplies and estimate roofing projects. The internet had transformed so many of the ways we do things and yet the roofing industry was still in the stone age. Roofwire was created to make it easy for roofers to accurately estimate roofing jobs and then easily get the best prices on the needed materials, right from your mobile phone, in minutes.

Social Networking Website

ClearTech Interactive built and launched www.biblestudycompany.com, an innovative online Bible & Social Community website employing cutting-edge features that make it possible for users to connect with one another, study the Bible alone or in groups and document their spiritual journey.

Jam Packed With Features
The site features an innovative e-reader that is used to quickly and easily look up the meanings of difficult to understand passages, words, locations, symbols and people. Easily compare and contrast a verse in 7 different versions of the Bible, all in real-time. Navigate to any book, chapter and verse in seconds and dive deeper and unlock deeper meaning by using the full Lexicon to look up the original meanings of words & symbols, which can open up entirely new understandings.

If that’s not enough, you can take notes, store your progress and share your newfound insights and progress with your friends. Your whole spiritual journey is stored so you can see your progress. There are even social networking features to connect with other like minded individuals to support your journey, share prayers, etc. With this exciting new website the Bible becomes more approachable and understandable anywhere and anytime you needs its wisdom & guidance.

Software as a Service (SaaS) – Stock Picking Marketplace

ClearTech Interactive built and launched Verified Investing, the first fully transparent, pay-for-performance stock picking platform which helps average investors improve their stock trading profits by giving them access to a marketplace of Verified professional traders. The site integrates a real-time stock market feed and tracks tens of thousands of events in real time. Stock trading performance of hundreds of traders are tracked in real time so that users can find the traders with the best performance.

The owners of Verified Investing realized that the average investor had the deck stacked against them in an investing world dominated by hedge funds and institutional investors. Active investors looking for profitable trade alerts/advice had very few options, except to find and follow so-called ‘professional’ traders (for an upfront subscription fee) and hope their picks were profitable and that he wasn’t fudging his own performance track record to lure them in.

Verified Investing solved this problem by bringing 1000’s of Verified Pro Traders to their website, tracking every trade and compiling track records for each Pro. Average investors are now flocking to Verified Investing to utilize their FREE service.

Learning Management System (LMS) & Video Streaming Service

Educational Symposia is America’s leading continuing education provider for the medical profession. Since 1975 they have been the leader in offering cutting-edge training for doctors across the world.

After contending with a frustratingly outdated & poorly supported web system, EduSymp hired ClearTech Interactive to completely rebuild their entire back and front end e-learning system using modern web technologies.

The system includes dozens of key features such as member profiles, custom e-learning management system, custom e-commerce, test administration, site administration, online test taking, scoring & delivery of CME certification. The project’s scope was in excess of 1,500 hours.

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Watch out for Shady Web Developers, Disguised as Cute Goldfish…

If It Sounds or Looks Too Good To Be True, It Just Might Be

Since 2003, we’ve become one of Tampa’s most trusted website development comapnies. We have excelled due to our attention to detail and superior communication skills, which are both extremely important during any large web development project. The larger the web development project, the greater the opportunities for misunderstandings and failures. This is why there is no substitute for a careful, detail-oriented approach.

Over many years, we’ve seen web development companies try to rush clients into projects, in order to “make the sale”. These kinds of web development projects are often very loose on details and this is how disconnects occur and why so many web development projects fail, cost much more than expected and are delayed. With extreme care to details, large complex projects become easy to manage and a joy to develop.

If you’re feeling rushed or pressured by a web developer to get started or if you’re questioning whether or not the web developer could possibly really understand your project in such a short space of time, given the amount of time they have invested, then you may be better to look elsewhere. These are red flags that you need to heed.

Our company often gets called upon to re-develop and salvage many failed web development projects. In our experience, most failed web development projects are usually caused by a loose approach to product development where the vendor was vague and pretty much said YES to everything and the customer had very little in writing about what was agreed upon to be done.

Good Web Developers are Hard to Find

(And managing them is like herding cats!)

Finding a competent website development company in Tampa or anywhere else for that matter is nowhere near as easy as you might think. Many web developers and companies will knowingly or unknowingly make promises they can’t keep, in the hopes they can land your project. Once you’re in their net and are vested financially, now what? You’ll have to deal with the incompetence and frustration or simply bail out.

Other web developers will lure you in with a typical bait and switch approach. That amazingly low estimate magically balloons mid-project. We’ve seen this lead to conflicts where the web developer refuses to work on the project until more money is paid and the client refuses to pay more money. The web developer claims you didn’t say you wanted ____ feature or that they never said _____ features were included. This is a pretty widespread problem that is painful to navigate.

And what about going overseas? We’ve had clients who attempted this first and told us afterwards that it was a nightmare and lead to language barriers, constant misunderstandings, cultural differences in style & quality, constant hand-holding and babysitting, lower quality work, waking up in the middle of the night for emergency support and project meetings and the fear that the web developer would disappear, half a world away, leaving you holding the bag.

Why Stress Over Finding a Great Web Developer?

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Web Development Reviews!

We Couldn’t Do What We Love If It Wasn’t For Our Amazing Customers.

“…somehow they made it a reality on our website. We get compliments regularly on how beautiful and how easy the site is…”


Sarah, Founder
Lending Luxury Inc.

“…Helpful, responsive and nailed it! Hands down one of the best experiences I have had with any internet company…”


Bricole, Vice President
Interactive Metronome

“…the best experience I ever had building a site, these guys know what they are doing, I highly recommend them…”


Tres Martin, Founder
Performance Boat School

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If you want to avoid all of the pitfalls that are so common in web development and you are looking to hire a web developer take a serious look at ClearTech Interactive. Since 2003, we have been a Florida favorite and have completed thousands of projects for happy customers. You will be thrilled with our services from start to finish. Most customers report noticing a big and immediate difference when speaking with us during their initial consultation, compared to other companies!

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