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    Most sites we analyze are missing critical SEO fundamentals, which prevent the site from performing well in the search engines.

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    We don’t allow projects to be run in a slipshod fashion. We know the exact steps you need to take to succeed and we won’t let you skip any of them!

  • Don’t Keep Putting Off SEO

    With so much to do, you often have to pick a few strategies and build incrementally. Let’s figure out a doable approach for your business.

  • Deep Search Engine Experience

    We have team members who have actually worked at 2 search engine companies. We’ve seen it from the inside out, like no other company.

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    Hire a great SEO company and get where you want to be. Avoid the drama and hire a professional SEO company.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps customers rank highly for the keywords that are relevant to your business. Finding an expert provider can be a time consuming & hit or miss challenge. Very few SEO companies in Tampa can claim that they have members of their staff who have actually worked at a 2 actual Search Engine companies. Yet on our staff, we have a person who was directly involved in search engine product development at TWO different major search engines, www.ask.com and www.teoma.com.

Having a partner with this level of seo knowledge & seo expertise gives you a distinct advantage when it comes to the knowledge, understanding and application of that experience to your specific business situation. Our understanding of search engines, goes beyond a superficial understanding and starts from the inside out!

An Organized Approach to SEO & Internet Marketing

Stop fighting with potential customers with your marketing and start helping them

Having a great website is the first essential step on the path to Internet success. The next critical step is to create an organized SEO Plan & SEO Strategy to drive Internet visitors to your website. SEO strategies are ongoing and require a month to month actions in order for them to achieve results.

We usually tell customers that achieving SEO results is very similar to getting in shape physically. It will require a continual commitment and results will come slowly over time. Immediate, impactful SEO results are uncommon. Just like diet and exercise, the sooner you start the sooner you’ll have that body you’ve been after. But you should avoid fad diets, magical pill claims and crazy exercise gadgets. You just have to do the fundamentals consistently and over longer periods of time to achieve the desired results. Google and other search engines have gotten quite intelligent over the last decade and spamming them or trying to trick them using outdated tactics like keyword stuffing, link stuffing, link farms and other black hat tactics could get you banned from their index which will be devastating.

A sound SEO strategy will be comprised of analysis of your existing site and then the development of a realistic strategy to move you in the direction of your goals.

A Thorough SEO Analysis Including

  • Site Structure Analysis
  • Keyword Ranking Analysis
  • SEO Traffic Analysis
  • Landing Page Analysis
  • Content Topic Analysis
  • Keyword & Competitor Research
  • Analysis of Traffic Sources
  • Analysis of Top Traffic Referrers
  • Internal Link Analysis
  • Citation Analysis
  • Backlink Analysis (anchor, LIS, age, etc.)
  • Readability Analysis
  • Page Speed Analysis
  • Mobile Site Analysis
  • Duplicate Content Analysis
  • Canonical Review
  • Indexability Analysis
  • Site Map Analysis
  • Robots.txt Analysis
  • Social Media Influence Score
  • Google Analytics Analysis
  • Google Webmaster Site Review

SEO Implementation Often Includes

  • Implementation of  SEO Fundamentals Site Wide
  • SEO Tracking Improvements
  • Landing Page Upgrades/Improvements
  • Content Improvements
  • Website Page Optimizations
  • Ongoing Content Creation Strategy
  • Better Call to Action Development
  • Lead Capture Recommendations
  • Social Media Marketing Recommendations
  • Expansion of Keyword targeting
  • Mobile website recommendations
  • Page Speed Improvements
  • Link Building Strategy
  • Email Marketing Improvements
  • Lead Nurturing Improvements
  • Social Media Marketing Improvements
  • Internet Advertising Recommendations
  • Remarketing Recommendations
  • Public Relations Recommendations
  • Video Marketing Recommendations

Realistically you won’t be able to implement all these at once and we’ll have to determine which of the above tactics to put into action. Each tactic will involve a different commitment level in terms of time and resources. As part of our SEO Company consultation, we can explain the differences and priorities as well as the pros and cons of each.

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Did a great job on my website
John McMahon
John McMahon
22:00 12 Jan 21
"Time flies" but we've been working with Cleartech Interactive for more than 10 years now. Not only did they develop our first "real" e-commerce website, but they have given us exemplary support every time we hit the limits of our limited Internet or email skill set. They always talk us through the problem and get us back in business quickly. We can't "see" them, but we've always received "Service with a smile."read more
Leigh Stevens
Leigh Stevens
20:42 07 Aug 20
After speaking to multiple companies to find someone to develop my personal budgeting mobile app (Mazuma Pro), I chose ClearTech Interactive Corp. From the moment I first spoke with Scott, I knew I found the right place. The first thing he did was listen to my ideas to determine if they even made sense. As we moved through the process, he offered suggestions and ideas and helped organize the workflow to hash out the details of the specifications. Scott, along their past projects and history, were the initial reasons I chose ClearTech.I am glad I did. When the internal team took over and started actual development of the app, Holly and the team did awesome. In developing a financial app, the details and communication are very important and Holly is top notch on both. Any unforseen issues and obstacles that popped up as development progressed were handled efficiently and effectively.I am very satisfied with the results, the company and the people involved and will continue to use them for my app and website programming needs.--WIll Chandler--read more
Mazuma Pro
Mazuma Pro
10:56 23 Mar 20
we are highly recommend ClearTech services to everyone.Abbas Baig Web Developers Lahore Pakistan
Abbas Baig
Abbas Baig
08:58 21 Feb 20
ClearTech has been nothing short of amazing in building our new website. Scott reviewed our goals and objectives and really understood our vision. Our project manager, Holly Jaillet, is extremely capable and responsive (whenever we have a question, she responds within hours). She goes out of her way to provide clear instructions on maintaining our website, including awesome instructional videos. We are a non-profit so costs are a consideration. ClearTech designed an amazing website for us on time and within budget.read more
Wendy Tunstall
Wendy Tunstall
14:10 14 Jan 20
I selected Cleartech to design and build a new website for my company of 20 years. I chose Cleartech based on their detailed web site and the myriad of services they offer. Although we have an IT Web Development department with the skills sets in house, I chose Cleartech to design and build our new web site. Cleartech did a fantastic job, went above and beyond, and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend their services to anyone.read more
Charles McCallum
Charles McCallum
19:20 04 Sep 19
Cleartech Interactive designed my company's brand new website/ online store from the grounds up. It was a painless and seamless process and I can not be happier with the results. The project was completed on time and in budget. I highly recommend Cleartech Interactive.Erick GranaOwnerRegena Nutraceuticalsread more
Erick Grana
Erick Grana
01:22 04 Sep 19
I have a lot going on right now so I can't talk about the details of my chair is in my name and number
Ethon My
Ethon My
04:40 09 Apr 19
As the marketing manager for Pure Touch Water Filters it is my job to make sure our business is always marketed and represented in the best way. So when it came time to “redo” our outdated website I went into research mode to find the best graphic website developers. I know I wanted someone somewhat local and not one of these nation wide “website mills” that just cranked out websites. I wanted quality and above all, I wanted that “white glove” experience. After many hours of research, I stumbled upon Cleartech Interactive and boy was I glad I did! From the get go, they were honest, knowledgeable, and didn’t try to sell me on themselves. They let their portfolios speak for itself. Holly my account rep and main contact not only answered all my questions but made sure EVERYTHING was done to my specifications and directions; and there were A LOT of demands to specific detail on my end. The end result was not only outstanding, but well under budget! So I’ll let their work speak for itself. Check out our website (link below), and give them a call. I can’t imagine anyone being dissapointed... no matter what your project is. Keep up the awesome work Holly and team!www.puretouchwaterfilters.comread more
Nima Zanjani
Nima Zanjani
12:04 23 Feb 18
Holly was a delight to work with. Our project was a big undertaking, but the end result has turned out great! We get so many compliments. Thank you Cleartech!
Chantelle Myers
Chantelle Myers
15:18 15 Feb 18
When our biggest client put me to the test to launch a new web store for their employees that was modern, eye catching and EASY to navigate I was more that thankful to have found Holly and the entire Cleartech staff. From the first contact they were responsive, interactive and attentive. I felt as though we had some pretty challenging requests and Holly handled them with ease and professionalism. I can not say enough about Cleartechs ability to to produce web sites and web stores that are amazing, functional and stylish - they filled my every request. I consider myself lucky to have found them as they made my job MUCH easier. I will not hesitate to refer them and already have! Thank You Holly - you and your team are awesome!read more
Trish Musser
Trish Musser
15:12 25 Jan 18
Great company!! Holly is amazing!
David Freeman
David Freeman
15:01 25 Jan 18
Cleartech has been an absolute pleasure to work with. We have been working with Holly and she is always available to answer questions, make changes, and help in any way needed. She even worked diligently on a Saturday to help us reach a new deadline. I don't have enough good things to say about our experience. Thank you Cleartech! THANK YOU HOLLY!read more
Paloma Lopes
Paloma Lopes
16:01 19 Apr 17
I had a wonderful experience working with ClearTech. Holly delivered a professional product that we can be proud of. Our website will definitely get more traffic.
Sharon Gunter
Sharon Gunter
15:34 13 Apr 17
ClearTech delivered an excellent product, on time and on budget. We are a fairly low-tech organization, but their staff was excellent to guide us through the project and helped every step of the way!! Very pleased with our experience.
Charles Lea
Charles Lea
22:27 22 Feb 17
Honestly one of the most attention-to-detail design companies in Florida if not the nation. The amount of knowledge and scrutiny they put on just the littlest of things surprise even me. If you are looking for a company that truly sees the long term value of an idea, offering or service, and knows how to bring success to that idea, you've definitely found the right people at Cleartech Interactive. Thank you Scott, and Holly for everything you have done for me and my business. I would have never made it this far without you. 🙂read more
Thomas Stinson
Thomas Stinson
16:21 16 Jun 16
We have been working with Clear Tech for over 4 years, in that time they have completed work on several large and complex projects. One example of which was custom e-learning system that includes, video streaming, test taking and certificate creation, in addition this is also an e-commerce website. As we continue to grow and change Clear Tech updates and modifies our websites to meet our ever changing needs. Clear Tech is a great company to work with they work diligently to understand your vision so on completion of a project the end result is what your company needs. I would and have recommended them to other companies, they have a good work ethic and compete projects in a timely manner.read more
Doug Humphrey
Doug Humphrey
20:14 24 Mar 16
Great Company. Scott and his team are wonderful to work with!! Our website has been greatly improved and this has helped our business to grow. Due in large part to the crew at Cleartech Interactive we will hit an all time high this year in sales. Our company has been doing business under the same owner for 31+ years, in that time we have dealt with some companies that we would not feel comfortable recommending. But, this company is very knowledgeable about their field! "Great bunch of people" to work with. They are always very responsive to our needs when we call or email!!We highly recommend doing business with Cleartech Interactive Corp! read more
All Weather Roofing
All Weather Roofing
14:38 04 Nov 15
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“…Leads generated from the website now account for at least 50% of our business. Working with ClearTech has been a very rewarding experience and I honestly feel as if they are part of our “team”…”

Customer’s Google Review

Leads generated from the website now account for at least 50% of our business. Working with ClearTech has been a very rewarding experience and I honestly feel as if they are part of our “team” because they work so closely with us and always strive to have a thorough understanding of what we do – not an easy task, as we offer very cutting-edge solutions to health issues.

I would recommend ClearTech’s services to anyone or any business, large or small. If you don’t have a good internet presence, no matter what your business is, you simply won’t survive in today’s marketplace. The staff at ClearTech are the ones to ensure you do. –Marketing Manager LifeWorks Wellness Center

“…Due in large part to the crew at Cleartech Interactive we will hit an all-time high this year in sales…

We highly recommend doing business with Cleartech Interactive Corp!..”

Customer’s Google Review

Great Company. Scott and his team are wonderful to work with!! Our website has been greatly improved and this has helped our business to grow. Due in large part to the crew at Cleartech Interactive we will hit an all-time high this year in sales. Our company has been doing business under the same owner for 31+ years, in that time we have dealt with some companies that we would not feel comfortable recommending. But, this company is very knowledgeable about their field! “Great bunch of people” to work with. They are always very responsive to our needs when we call or email!!

We highly recommend doing business with Cleartech Interactive Corp!

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Once you’ve decided on a plan of attack, it’s necessary to commit to your plan and put in the time and energy needed to start building your traffic. Many of these tactics take repeated effort over a prolonged period of time to see reasonable results. But over time, they build and build resulting in sustained organic traffic growth. Most likely you will need to hire a good SEO Company to help you get all the tasks done in an expert manner.

But… If it Sounds too Good to be True, It Probably Is…
We continually find many small businesses and start-ups completely misinformed by other SEO companies about Internet Marketing and achieving top search engine rankings. Top rankings today are earned through continual hard work over longer periods of time.

You must work at developing a high-quality site structure along with fantastic content for your users which is expertly optimized. The pay off is certainly worth it but you have to keep it real. When it starts sounding a little too good to be true, get a second opinion. We have staff who have personally worked for two major search engines and understand this issue better than many SEO companies. We can give you an insider’s view of how search engines work, the myths, the hype and how you can actually consistently build high-quality traffic.

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