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mission-state-1We never deliver what was promised; we always go the extra mile to deliver more than expected. We want you to enjoy working with us and tell others all about us. To ensure that happens, we strive to give you everything you expect and more. And our Google Reviewscustomer comments in our portfolio and case studies are a testament to just that.

We believe that every small business should have the opportunity to take advantage of the Internet to increase their reach, compete with the big boys and achieve continual growth and expansion. We believe the only way to achieve that is through impeccable communication skills and a focus on what matters most to you. 

Why Choose Us

In skillful hands, the web is one of the greatest marketing advances of all time and yet 95% of the web sites out there are under-utilized, un-visited and non-productive for their owners — don’t become a statistic. There are a few key criteria you should use when selecting your web development team…

With so many digital agencies out there it can often be difficult to decide which agency will actually meet your needs. Keep in mind that a web site is just like any other business tool. You “acquire” the tool and then you “use” the tool.

Many small business owners feel it's enough to merely have a website, without a real understanding of how one is used and why you should have one.

The reason for this can be traced back to inexperienced web designers, who themselves, fail to understand the real purpose and potential impact of a properly developed web site flanked by a variety of powerful inbound marketing tactics. So, they mis-educate prospective buyers and treat the website as a mere commodity, instead of one of the most powerful marketing tools in your arsenal!

For many designers, a web site is merely a collection of pretty pages and imagery about a company, a sort of online brochure or business card, that hopefully gets seen by someone— a tremendous waste of time, resources and potential if you ask us. 

Your Website, Marketing & Business Should Focus on 6 Things

A web site is a powerful influencer and often the first point of contact in your sales process. This advertising and public relations powerhouse can make or break company sales. It should be used to:

  1. connect you with your target audience.
  2. position you as an authority in the mind of your target market.
  3. educate your prospects on what you do, why and how.
  4. inspire confidence in your company, through 3rd party endorsements, testimonials & social proof.
  5. convert strangers into leads, prospects and customers.
  6. transform customers into evangelists, who spread the word about you.

Notice that the above 6 items are all actions and have to do with the use of the tool? That’s right folks, just like a car needs to be driven or a wrench needs to be turned, your web site needs to be able to walk leads and prospects through the various stages of their Buying Process in order to bring any benefit to your organization. A web site sitting out there idly in cyberspace amongst tens of billions of other websites is not going to do anything for your business.

You Get What You Pay For

So, cut through the price-sensitivity bias that we all have and use when purchasing standard, easily comparable commodities (like computers, coffee and gasoline) and realize that when you are hiring a service provider, you simply cannot compare apples to apples. Each provider is pricing their services based on the value they feel they can deliver to your bottom line. Think about it... where do you think these low-ball estimates from inexperienced providers are going to get you?

Any established business realizes that the real success of their business hinges on both the quality and competence of their management team, staff and partners. Does it logically follow that selecting the least skillful, lowest cost provider is somehow going to catapult you above and beyond your smartest, most skillful competitors? Is that the secret sauce to your competitor's success? Or is their secret that they realize we are living through the age of unprecedented tracking & analytics, highly integrated & automated sales & marketing processes and powerful digital marketing platforms and technologies and that investing in these and partnering with the best and brightest is the key to howling success?

We all know deep down that we get what we pay for. The market demand for valuable skills, products & services dictate the value of both your services and ours. Because our digital products & marketing services have the power to dramatically move the needle in your business, we are compensated fairly for the value we do deliver. Other providers who offer run-of-the-mill services, incapable of changing your business in any meaningful way, should also be compensated for what they deliver. You will know who you're dealing with by how their fees stack up.

So when you meet with a prospective provider, see if their focus is on 1-6 above during your meeting. If they are very anxious about counting up pages, picking colors and building you a “pretty website” but don’t heavily stress the importance of driving leads, prospects and customers and how they will perform 1-6 above, then what's the point? They are lacking a fundamental understanding of what a web site is for and how it is used and you should lower your expectations of what is going to happen as a result and expect to pay a very small fee for what they produce.

Want to Really Get to Where You're Trying to Go?

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