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“…this is a different kind of tech firm. This can only happen because of ClearTech’s commitment to long term relationships and sprint usage. ”


Project Summary

ClearTech Interactive built and launched, an innovative online Bible & Social Community that makes it easier than ever to read and more importantly understand the Bible.

The site features an innovative e-reader that is used to quickly and easily look up the meanings of difficult to understand words, locations, symbols and people. Compare and contrast a verse in different versions of the Bible, all in real-time. Easily navigate to any book, chapter and verse in seconds.

There is a full Lexicon available to understand the original meanings of words, which can open up entirely new understandings. We’ve also built features that allow you to take, store and share notes about your study, insights and progress.

There is a social networking community you can use to connect with other like minded individuals to support your journey, share prayers, etc.

Pick up some swag in the online store or join a group discussion where you can partner up with others for an online group Bible study.

Company Mission

The mission of is to bring the philosophy of the Bible alive by creating an easy to use, cutting-edge online Bible together with tools, study approaches & a social community to make the it easily approachable, yet deeply understood by anyone seeking its wisdom & guidance.

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Customer Testimonial

ClearTech was hired by Bible Study Company to do a large project. I am a former CEO of an employee benefits firm that used technology heavily to deliver customer service. I am cynical when dealing with tech firms. In fact, I fully expect to go over budget because in reality, what incentive do the tech firms have to stop your project? None. Not ClearTech. This took us by surprise.

Early on, Scott was uncomfortably honest about everything. Our team would get off the phone in dismay over the candidness and I would say to them he is being honest and that is rare. For example, I had a number in mind and he said it would take X over my number to get the job done, CORRECTLY. Refreshing and this created trust. What usually happens is tech firms under bid the project to “get you on board” (hence my skepticism) and then they over charge.

Next, Scott mentioned they used sprints. Building in sprints allowed us to get the product we wanted and what our customers will use. This is spot-on what we got!

Our budget was over 6 figures. We came in under budget which is itself surprising! In addition, we got far more services and features than we ever dreamed possible!

As I said at the beginning, this is a diferent kind of tech firm. This can only happen because of ClearTech’s commitment to long term relationships and sprint usage. Scott has the experience to guide you in the right direction and the project manager, Holly, was literally flawless in the management of the project. Beware that you will be learning what we call now: “hollyisms”.

Now that the project is fully functional, we actually miss our weekly meetings! That says a great deal about their commitment to lasting relationships. As we continue to grow we will be looking to ClearTech for increasing services.”

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