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“We didn’t have to babysit them or spoon feed them.”


Project Summary

Mobile Adaptive Web App – A Florida roofer develops an innovative mobile service which will revolutionize how roofers estimate and purchase roofing materials through an online marketplace.

Project Background

As a long time roofer, Brian Gullett realized that there should be a better way to purchase roofing supplies and estimate roofing projects. The internet had transformed so many of the ways we do things and yet the roofing industry was still in the stone age. Roofwire was created to make it easy for roofers to accurately estimate roofing jobs and then easily get the best prices on the needed materials, right from your mobile phone, in minutes. 

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Client Testimonial

ClearTech Interactive did a great job on our mobile web application. We love all the features and how it behaves on mobile. We really enjoyed the planning process which gave us insights into how they worked and helped us clarify the final product’s features and functions. Development went very smooth too. We didn’t have to babysit them or spoon feed them. They even managed to squeeze in some features that were scheduled for a future phase and that was a nice bonus!

All in all, it can be a daunting trying to find, interview and then pick a web development company. There are so many considerations to weigh and it’s easy to get lured by a low project bid, which in retrospect, could have proved fatal for us. After a few conversations with Scott, we knew ClearTech was the team for us. He made us feel at ease and understood what we were trying to do and offered a plan on how to get there.

I’m thrilled with ClearTech and highly recommend them to others. They can help you design the system you’re after and then help you build it, step by step, in a painfree fashion.

Thanks Holly, Scott and the entire ClearTech dev team! We love our app and
appreciate the hard work!

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