Software as a Service (SaaS)

Verified Investing

“It was a large, complex project with lots of moving pieces and they really did deliver on their promises. ”


Project Summary

Software as a Service (SAAS) Web Service – ClearTech Interactive built and launched Verified Investing, the first fully transparent, pay-for-performance stock picking platform which helps average investors improve their stock trading profits by giving them access to a marketplace of Verified professional traders.

Project Background

The creators/owners of Verified Investing realized that the average investor had the deck stacked against them in an investing world dominated by hedge funds and institutional investors. Active investors looking for profitable trade alerts/advice had very few options, except to find and follow so called ‘professional’ traders (for an upfront subscription fee) and hope their picks were profitable and that he wasn’t fudging his own performance track record to lure them in.

Verified Investing solved this problem by bringing 1000’s of Verified Pro Traders to their website, tracking every trade and compiling track records for each Pro. Average investors are now flocking to Verified Investing to utilize their FREE service.

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Client Testimonial

“We needed to find a company we could trust to build a one ­of­ a­ kind, innovative investment platform for us. We wanted to work with a local company who could meet and help us brainstorm out the project.

When you’re investing a large amount of money into building a system that has never been done before and which will ultimately become the core of your business, it is a risky proposition. Our business model deals with real­ time data and has a lot of tricky rules and complex financial logic. We had to have a company who could quickly get up to speed on the business side of things and then translate all of our needs into a robust, easy to use system.

We’ve dealt with other web development companies in the past and had some poor experiences which had led us to be cautious in our vendor selection. We ended up selecting ClearTech Interactive because right from the start, they took a very organized, step by step approach without rushing us into the project.

We started with a smaller project initially to flush out our ideas, do some detailed planning, create some sketches and document our ideas. This gave us firsthand experience working with them on a less risky project and after completing this step, we were confident ClearTech was the team for us.”

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