Top 10 Tips from a Google Adwords Expert/Specialist

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Companies today need to utilize a wide range of different marketing techniques in order to remain ahead of the competition. Adwords is one of the areas where a company can truly shine… or fail miserably. Working with a Google Adwords expert helps companies to keep on track. Let’s look at ten great tips for working with Adwords, and see how the experts can help.

1. An Adwords Expert Must Know Your Business

Any company managing your Google AdWords campaign must first begin by really understanding your business and what drives leads and inquiries. Before any campaigns are started or keywords are researched, the AdWords specialists must spend time understanding the factors that drive people to your business. This is usually done by an in-depth interview and discussion. The AdWords specialists must understand what motivates buyers, what their go-buttons are and what would appeal to them. They must also understand your different target audiences and what the needs of each of those audiences are so that a campaign can be structured around each public. This is the only way to assemble an effective campaign. Once the overall strategy is created, the AdWords specialists can then implement the tactics that will make your campaign effective.

2. Adwords Guru Measures Everything – Stats Don’t Lie

A Google Adwords specialist knows that the stats and the analytics are very valuable information, and they utilize this as a means to help ensure better overall results from their campaigns. The specialist has the means and ability to look at all manner of stats thanks to Google’s analytics tool and knows what to do with those stats more importantly.

Analytics tools help measure things such as the overall cost per sale and lead, cost per click, click through rate, conversion rate, cost per acquisition, etc. which makes it easier to determine whether the ads are cost effective or not. Good actionable data is integral to success.

3. Adwords Experts Focus on Achieving High Click Through Rates

Having ads that actually draw a high volume of users in and which encourages them to visit the website at an affordable rate is the only way that Adwords will really work well for a company. An Adwords specialists knows how to make a potential customer perform a specific action at a high rate. This comes from marketing experience, experience writing ads, experience selecting keywords, experience from past projects, etc.

Sometimes enticing customers to click is not the problem and it’s really more problem of click quality. It’s all well and good to get a lot of clicks but it’s more important to have a high-quality click which turns into a high-quality customer and a profitable order for your business. This is where having an experienced marketer and Google AdWords specialist can really help.

4. An Adwords Wizard Constantly Tests & Revises

Once you have a goal in place for the campaign, a Google Adwords expert will always be testing multiple ads simultaneously to see the results of their ads and work. If they feel that a particular ad is not performing as well as they hoped, they will make changes and revise the ad quickly and easily. They will constantly test new ads, new landing pages, times to run the ads, and much more to get the desired results.

After making the changes, the specialists for Adwords continue to see how these new changes affect the success of the advertisement. If it does not improve, they revise again. The name of the game in Google AdWords is to constantly refine and change in order to get the most bang for your marketing dollars.

5. Adwords Experts Actively Manage Accounts

Few things can kill a business as fast as being only reactive. This is true in any number of different areas of the business from customer service and support to Internet marketing. Companies need to be proactive in every area of their Adwords campaign.

The Adwords experts working on the campaign will be proactive in updating and analyzing the success of the different ads in order to make necessary changes before the campaign goes stagnant and stops producing results. There is no such thing as setting this on autopilot. Google AdWords requires proper and active management.

6. Adwords Experts Use Negative Keywords

One important element that many business owners simply forget is negative keywords. Negative keywords are very important in running a Google AdWords campaign. Negative keyword specifies which keywords you do not want your ads to trigger for. We reviewed scores of client accounts over the years and we have been shocked to find that customers are often paying for keywords that are totally disrelated to their business. It’s not uncommon for customers to be blowing hundreds of dollars or more a month on bogus keywords. Using negative keywords properly is a very effective tool to squeeze the most out of any Google AdWords campaign.

7. Adwords Specialists Track Goals & Conversions

The goal of a Google AdWords campaign is more than just “getting clicks”. This seems obvious but we see it time and time again where the focus is around clicks. Real Google Adwords specialists know that the goal is to have those clicks translate into actual leads and conversions. By tracking conversions rather than the clicks, it aligns the campaign around success and keeps the focus where it should be.

8. Adwords Specialists Use Remarketing

Remarketing is a tool from Google few people use properly. This system uses lists from Google Analytics as a means to track people who have visited your website previously.  We can then re-target the same visitors while they are visiting some of their most favorite websites on the Internet. We do this by presenting them a very targeted banner ad encouraging them to come back to your website and acquire your product or service. This can be a very effective form of marketing since you are retargeting to people who already showed some sort of interest. In our experience we are able to achieve the highest levels of sales, leads and inquiries as a result of remarketing campaigns.

A remarketing campaign converts the good prospects who might be a little reluctant at first into paying customers. Using a remarketing campaign in addition to your Google ad words campaign squeezes out the best bang for your buck! If you’re not doing a remarketing campaign you’re simply paying too much.

9. Adwords Specialists Focus on End Results

The Google Adwords experts always look at the end picture – the number of conversions and sales and the impact they are making on the business. In the end it requires a company that cares about your business for this isn’t just a technical skill but a skill in which the Google AdWords specialists must become familiar with your company and must be committed to your products and services so that they can drive the highest level of business to your business. A Google AdWords specialists must spend the time to get to know your business, your sales process, what the buttons are for your products and services, how best to position your products and services, etc. all this information is vital to being able to launch and maintain a successful Google AdWords campaign. If you’re just going to go through a mechanical campaign, do not expect to get great results. The end result of a properly run Google AdWords campaign is a more prosperous business, more leads, more sales, increased profitability and the need to hire more staff for your business. When this is happening you know your Google AdWords campaign is working properly.

10. Adwords Specialists Seek Opportunities

A Google AdWords specialist takes what he learns from running the campaign and figures out how to use it outside of the Google AdWords campaign. There’s a lot of great marketing data that is gained when you actively manage a Google AdWords campaign. This data can be used in other forms of marketing such as search engine marketing, other forms of advertising and even off-line marketing. Don’t overlook this important marketing information. In fact we often take the knowledge that we learn and suggest specific SEO techniques to capitalize on this information

The ultimate long-term goal is to improve your companies SEO, eventually resulting in less expenditure on Adwords. The true expert is tireless, always looking for better methods of marketing and expanding to other areas and advertising networks.

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As you can see, working with Adwords takes time and dedication. You need to have a high quality specialist who knows and understands Google’s systems, from Adwords to Analytics, to Internet marketing to get the best results possible. Your company deserves better results and that’s just what ClearTech Interactive is able to offer. We are experts with Adwords and have the experience and expertise to help with your campaigns. You can submit questions and inquiries online, or you can call us at 727-562-5161 to learn more. It is time that you took your Adwords marketing to the next level. Let us help.