Why You Should Build a Mobile App

Gone are the days when the only place people accessed the internet was from their desktop computer. According to a 2017 study released by comScore, in 9 markets studied around the globe more than 60% of digital minutes were on mobile devices. Not surprisingly, “Apps dominate time spent on smartphone and tablet devices, representing more than 80% of mobile minutes in all markets studied.” These statistics show that if you have the right kind of service but don’t have a mobile app you are missing out on a huge market of potential customers, as well as an incredible communication channel to and from your customers. Let’s look more in depth at why you should consider building a mobile app for your business.

Advantages of Building a Mobile App

If you have an established brand and website and are optimized for mobile, you are well on your way to connecting with your customers. However since more than 80% of mobile minutes are spent using apps, you could be missing out if you don’t also have a mobile app strategy. Check out these advantages of building a mobile app.

Mobile Apps are the Norm

With so many people using mobile apps, they are used to the ease and robust features available. Mobile apps load instantly and work well with smartphones and tablets, they easily integrate with the smartphone camera, they allow direct push notifications to the phone and can integrate many other functions, such as GPS. Because they’re designed specifically with mobile in mind they are a breeze to use, and customers love them.

Mobile Apps are Instant

People want to have the information they need at the touch of a finger, and mobile apps provide a way for them to interact with your service on the go, anywhere, anytime. Whether they are waiting for an appointment, riding a bus, or on their lunch break, mobile apps are the perfect way to allow mobile users to connect with you.

Mobile Apps Promote Your Brand

As your brand grows offering a mobile app can be an incredible avenue to stay connected and continually market to your customers on their more cherished device– their smartphone. With consumers spending more and more time each day on their mobile device, you’ll be part of that precious real estate and be able to build your company’s brand equity.

Mobile Apps Allow for Geo-Targeting

With a mobile app you have the ability to integrate geo-targeting which allows you to notify a customer of a sale or other promotion when they are close to your business location. This reduces advertising spending, and targets the right consumers who are already interested in your business at the right time and place. Geo-targeting can even be integrated with texting where you can create a special sale for a specific user, and then when they show you the text message they get a certain deal exclusive to them.

Mobile Apps Can Efficiently Integrate Loyalty Programs

Your app can be set up so that users receive early bird specials, rewards, or other exclusive deals when they download and use the app. Mobile apps can also track receipts and purchases, and even take the place of a punch card where a consumer gets a discount after so many purchases, all recorded in the app. This allows you to know your best customers so you can stay connected with them and reward positive behaviors.

Mobile Apps Allow for Service Scheduling and Reminders

Service based businesses know that customers want to easily make appointments and get mobile reminders of scheduled events and appointments. Mobile apps are a perfect platform for creating a mobile scheduling and reminder feature. Texts can also be incorporated for appointment confirmations, reminders, and cancellations.

Mobile Apps Allow Consumers more Communication Options

Consumers want to easily communicate with businesses as well as with others. Depending on your app you can allow users to easily contact you and provide them with mobile customer services like instant chat and text communication. Or users can even communicate with each other and share their experiences, pictures, advice, reviews and tips.

When You Should Build a Mobile App

You should especially consider building a mobile app if the following situations apply to you:

  • Your company is a well established local or national brand
  • Your product or service could be turned into an app.
  • Your product or service is a web service already.
  • Your business depends upon connecting users with other users.
  • You’re a restaurant chain and want to incentivize customers.
  • Your online business operates in the realm of social media.
  • Your business or service would be more enhanced by allowing photo uploads, status updates or videos.
  • Your business could find a way to usefully integrate GPS or location-based services to help customers.
  • Your business is entertainment oriented.
  • You have a large user base already and you would like to be able to push real time notifications to all your users, or to specific users at exact times and places.
  • You would like users to be able to schedule services and contact you quickly and seamlessly on the go.
  • You need to be able to monitor customer service on the go.
  • You need a way for employees and managers to access the information they need on the go.
  • A business competitor has a mobile app that customers are starting to use.

Is a Mobile App Alone Enough?

The answer to this question is no, and here’s why. Although a majority of digital activity takes place on smartphones and tablets, the conversion rate of customers in many industries is still much higher on traditional devices like desktops and laptops. Therefore a full on website still has an important place in your business. However, as you can see above, there are several compelling reasons why you should build a mobile app.

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