How to Get a Website Quote

How to Get a Website Quote

The biggest complaint we hear from customers who are trying to build a new website is that the quotes are all over the map. There are a variety of reasons for this, already covered in our SmartGuide – “How to Select a Web Development Firm?” and we encourage you to read that PDF and really get educated about why this is the case.

Anecdotally, however, we have noticed a pattern amongst our most successful clients in their approach to getting a website quote. These companies take a strategic approach toward their website quote process. Here’s what we’ve found:

Website Quotes Start with a Top Down Approach

A top down approach focuses on the purpose of a website, your goals and aims as opposed to a bottom up approach which focuses first on the mechanics of a website, such as the # of pages, specific features, etc. You always want to think strategically first and then work out the tasks and minor details.

Web Site Quotes Should Focus on Achieving Specific Outcomes

A website quote that includes page counts and features is inadequate. You want to know:

  • How do we convince a customer to call or inquire?
  • How do we persuade a visitor to stay on our website longer?
  • What is the impression we want to leave on a customer?
  • How do we get the visitor to come back & interact with us?
  • How do we attract more website visitors?

Website Quotes Consider the Opportunity Cost

The opportunity cost is simply this: when you spend money on your website, you should be doing so in order to acquire or achieve something else of value.  If you’re spending “x” you should be able to get a return of “x+y”. Otherwise you wouldn’t do it, right? “y” could be more money, time, goodwill, a dominant position in marketplace, more visitors, better conversion rates, etc.

The successful companies always consider the value of ‘y’ and figure out ways to acquire, manage & track it. The rookie business always looks at “x” only.

Website Quotes Should Consider the Value Being Purchased

Whereas a rookie business will treat their website as nothing more than an enhanced online business card, established businesses treat it as a game changing marketing & sales machine.

Think about these items and you’ll be thinking like a pro:

  • Will customers review your website before buying from you?
  • Will customers review your competitors online?
  • How important is the impression they take away from your website?
  • Could a sale or lead be lost based on your website alone?
  • What is the value of a website lead (short & long term)
  • How does your website fit into your sales process?
  • What would you spend on a website that could double or triple your leads or sales?
  • What’s a website worth that doesn’t really add value beyond the purchase price?

Website Quotes Should Include Having Enough Valuable Content

Beyond the standard basic website pages, consider the following:

  • What do your customers need to know?
  • How can you educate them
  • What will position you as an industry authority
  • How can you supply them what they need to make an informed decision?
  • Should you offer PDFs, images, videos or photo galleries

Website Quotes Should List out Functions & their Purpose

Ensure you have the functions needed to accomplish your aims.

  • Do you want to generate web leads
  • Do you want to collect emails
  • Do you want to sell something
  • Do you want to channel people to certain pages
  • Do you want to get people to call

Website Quotes will vary According to Quality Offered

There is no standard of quality amongst website design firms. It will be based on what that firm is capable of. Some companies offer very creative design while others use predesigned website templates. You’ll have to decide here what you need. You can do this by considering:

  • What do clients expect to see?
  • Can you hang with your competitors? How will you stack up?
  • What is the quality of websites in your industry?
  • Are you OK with having a website that is similar to 100’s of other companies?
  • Do you need to be seen as an industry or local leader?

Our Website Quotes Are More Comprehensive

Building a website that accomplishes your business objectives is our ultimate objective. As an established web design firm in Tampa with over 10 years in the business, we can help you define a website quote that will actually get you where you need to be. Your new website will inspire confidence, improve your lead inquiry rate and help you crush the competition.

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