PHP Web Application Development | PHP Web Development

PHP Web Application Development | PHP Web Development

“There’s an app for that.” Everyone’s heard of an iPhone app… but what about PHP web apps? Actually, the latter aren’t apps at all… at least not in the way we usually think of that term.

Today, we want to tell you about an entirely different kind of “application,” the all-important PHP web application.

Let’s take a closer look to learn more and find out how PHP web applications can play a vital role in your website’s success.

Examples of PHP Web Application Development

PHP is a mature, all-purpose scripting language designed to be used on the Internet for creating interactive components within websites or to build entire interactive websites, like Facebook, Craigslist or Twitter.

Examples of the kinds of systems that we can create using PHP web application development include:

  • Content Management System (CMS) implementation
  • Custom online database systems
  • Membership & Subscription-based websites
  • Message boards / discussion forums
  • Other community and social-based websites
  • Games / Gaming web applications
  • Blogs (including comment features)
  • Custom e-commerce systems
  • Registration systems
  • Analytics programs
  • Private intranets
  • E-learning applications & systems
  • Fulfillment applications
  • Survey systems
  • Member-only portals
  • Back office applications
  • Mobile development (tablet, smartphone, etc.)
    Much more!

With PHP web application development we can create applications that display on any computer or mobile device. There’s essentially no limit to what we can do with PHP web application development.

The ClearTech Interactive Approach to PHP Web Application Development

At ClearTech Interactive, we’ve adopted an industry-standard Agile / Scrum methodology for website development, meaning our approach is highly collaborative, customizable and flexible.

Our Agile/Scrum approach is great for you because it emphasizes:

  • Adaptability — we know that your preferences and goals may change as the project progresses. That’s fine.
  • Collaboration — we’re the experts, but you’re part of the team too. You’re an active participant in the development process, and you’ll always be in control of the outcome.
  • Iterative Design — we believe in quality testing and trial & error. Our iterative approach involves outlining, testing, analyzing and refining as we go.
  • Incremental Development — we’re happy to work on your project in stages so that you can make sure we’re all on the same page before any differences in creative vision arise. You control the outcome. We bring the knowledge, experience and expertise.

Hire a PHP Web Application Development Pro

Companies like ClearTech Interactive who specialize in PHP web application development are more technically advanced firms than simple web site designers or web design firms, who specialize more in brochure-based websites. At ClearTech Interactive, we’ve been developing complex PHP systems in a professional capacity for a decade. That’s experience you can rely on.

Don’t trust a complex web development project to unqualified individuals. Many naïve firms are happy to accept your deposit without knowing how they’ll get the project delivered. We are frequently called in to pick up the pieces of a broken project. Often, projects aren’t finished or are completely abandoned because the designer couldn’t finish the job and disappears.

If you have a project that is complex or you’re not sure who to trust, give us call. We’re happy to discuss the project with you, give you our opinion and even give you some ideas as to costs.

To find out more, email us or call 727-562-5161 & Press 1 to speak with a PHP Web Application Specialist.