Why Seo

Why Seo

If you’re wondering why you should get involved in SEO, or if you’re just considering getting started, you’re already a bit behind your competitors. Your competitors have likely been actively engaged in SEO for years. How well your website is optimized is going to determine where you’re going to rank in the search results for Google and other search engines. Poor SEO means that you end up buried on page five or ten – if you’re lucky.

Why SEO? Because every company needs it. It’s what brings traffic to your website. You want to generate leads, create a relationship with your customers, and generally do better than your competition. So if you’re not using SEO, you’re missing out on the most effective way of making that happen.

Top 20 Reasons Why You Should SEO Your Website

  1. National online exposure
  2. Increase branding efforts
  3. Position your company as an authority
  4. Dominate your competitors.
  5. Catch bigger clients
  6. Diversify your lead sources & receive new very interested leads every week
  7. The effects of SEO are cumulative, building each year
  8. The ROI is tremendous, out-performing most other activities you can do
  9. Your buyers are on the web
  10. You should be at the top of Google for all related keyword searches
  11. Higher ranked websites are generally trusted more
  12. You should not leave the low hanging fruit to your competitors
  13. It takes time to build great rankings, so you should start sooner rather than later
  14. The web is growing every year and shows no signs of slowing
  15. E-Commerce is growing every year and shows no signs of slowing
  16. You’ll drive more visitors to your website which equals more inquiries
  17. You can never have too many calls or inquiries
  18. More and more users are connected on more devices (mobile, tablets, etc) & access the web this way.
  19. Neglecting SEO will hurt your business
  20. The longer you wait the more difficult and costly it costs to play catch up.

Great Design Alone Isn’t Going to Do It

Google wants attractive, exciting websites with great content. However, you could have pages on your site that have incredible visual impact, you could write your textual content dramatically, use lots of video, and still end up not getting the traffic you need. This is because even the finest graphic designer and most web designers will not have the SEO expertise needed to boost your rankings, know how to position your company effectively, and handle promoting your product or service in a way that actually facilitates the exchange of goods and services.

In order to find top websites, Google and other search engines use software known as “spiders” – they’re called spiders because they “crawl” around the web, looking for web pages to index for the search engines. They travel from page to page via hyperlinks. Skilled professionals in search engine optimization know how to draw in these spiders in and feed them the content they need (and to also do the same with your customers) so as to create the largest impact on your search engine rankings. Graphic designers are manipulators of shapes, colors and layouts and styles. Even most web designers are skilled in HTML/CSS/PHP, coding, templating, configuration and technical solutions – neither are SEO experts. We can’t overstate why SEO is so important to your business. If you’re not getting the results you need, you might want to consider consulting a web development company like ClearTech Interactive in order to optimize your SEO strategy.

Why You Need to Start SEO Now

If you’ve been putting off using SEO, it’s very important that you begin developing your strategy immediately. Other companies have been implementing SEO tactics and strategy for a number of years, and that’s why they’re well positioned in the Google search rankings. Once you have achieved some rankings too, don’t think you can rest on your laurels, either – even established companies have to be sure to protect their position by updating regularly. Simply stated, if your website & content always stays the same, the spiders are going to slow their visitation to your website and these search engines will make a value & quality judgment based on that. Think about it from the Search Engine’s perspective- they want the freshest, most frequently updated and highest quality websites at the top of the rankings. They’re going to place their “best sellers” at the very top to please their web searchers.

Many business operators know why SEO is so important, but they simply are not aware of all the factors involved and find it difficult to know what they should do next to improve their strategy and website. That’s where a web development company like ClearTech Interactive can be of service.

Why SEO with ClearTech?

ClearTech has been in business since 2003, and in that time we’ve helped a scores of clients to reach top positions. We also have a proven track record in helping new businesses develop an SEO strategy designed to bring immediate results. Given the importance of SEO to any business, why not entrust your web development to the pros? You’ll see the results in terms of increased traffic, better leads, and ultimately, you’ll notice the difference on your bottom line.

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